How I Got 100 Twitter Followers in 3 Days, by Pamela Zimmer

I have invited #1 Best-Selling author Pamela Zimmer to write a guest blog post based on a recent awesome success she had achieving 100 NEW Twitter followers in 3 days. I asked her to share her insight with all of you and there are some really excellent tips below. This is a must-read post and I would love your participation in sharing this article on social networks and making a comment below. Show her love! 🙂

Pamela Zimmer quit her career for Motherhood. Being an Architect, and an entrepreneur at heart, Pamela struggled with her decision to have her own Architecture firm. She knew she always wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom, but also knew she wanted to have a successful career. After 13+ years of working in Architecture, 7 of which she ran her own successful business, Pamela finally chose to listen to her heart and realized that being a stay-at-home Mom was her true passion and life purpose. She is now a #1 best-selling author of the book ‘Get Your Woman On!’ and strives to support and inspire other women who are ready to make their life transformation. Pamela is working on her own book, as well as starting a business as a peer-to-peer counselor for Postpartum Depression. Her blog, Stories of a Mom, is where Pamela shares her experiences, from one Mother to another.


I know there are programs and software out there that claim to get you up to 1000 Twitter followers a day. I have to admit, I have been tempted to check them out, but thankfully I never got sucked in. Honestly, how legitimate can those programs be? Yes, maybe they do actually work to get your numbers up, but do you ever really know your followers? I don’t know about you, but it’s hard enough to meet 10, 20, 50 new people a day, let alone up to 1000!

If you’re like me, you are interested in building relationships with people, not just getting them to click “follow” and “like.” After all, what’s the point of having followers if you aren’t interacting with them?


I will also admit that I can’t always develop relationships with every new person I meet every day, but it is ultimately my intention. Long-lasting relationships don’t happen overnight, no matter what kind they are – personal, romantic or business.

I first joined Twitter a couple of years ago, but I was never really “active” at tweeting or following. I would log on every now and then and browse around, reading what the few people I was actually following were saying, and occasionally tweeting something myself. Basically, my account was there, and I had a profile, but I wasn’t doing anything with it.

As the saying goes, that was then and this is now. My life has changed drastically, in a good way, and my passions are much clearer now. Within the past several months, I have really defined my goals and what I want to be doing.

I realized that surrounding me with like-minded people was the first step in propelling myself towards my new business success. This goes true for social media as well.


It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about who is behind those numbers.

As I mentioned above, what’s the point of having thousands of followers if you aren’t interacting with them, or worse, if you don’t even know anything about them? Perhaps once my followers reach 1000 or more I will have a different perspective, but in the meantime I feel good knowing that the majority of the people I follow, and those that are following me, are like-minded.


So how did I do it? How did I get 100+ Twitter followers in 3 days?

The first thing I did was to set my intention to just be active on Twitter.

My goal wasn’t to gain ‘X’ number of followers – that wasn’t even on my mind. The fact that I got 100+ new followers was a huge surprise and bonus for me. For me, being active meant checking out other people’s links, profiles, tweets, and following those that were like-minded. I tweeted original things that came to mind of inspiration, values; things about family and kids, writing and passion – all things that I am surrounding myself with in my own life. I re-tweeted when I saw something inspirational or valuable that I felt my (few) followers would take interest in.


Next, I carefully selected people to follow who were (magic word) like-minded.

I checked out their profile and read previous tweets to make sure that I had something in common with them and would enjoy following them. Some of these people popped up on the Timeline, but sometimes I did searches to find them. My searches included things that I am passionate about and things that align with my business goals and values (for example: #family, #parenting, #happy, etc.). From those searches, I was able to browse through profiles and follow links to other similar profiles, and it kept going and going.

When I received notice of new followers, I made sure to check out their profiles and follow back when appropriate.

I don’t believe that you should, or have to, follow everyone who follows you. It’s nothing personal, but to keep to my values, I am careful of who I follow.

If someone sent me a direct message, I replied. For those that I really felt connected with, I sent them a direct message, replied to one of their tweets, or even checked out their websites. I began engaging and interacting with people. It didn’t take much, but I began to actually network with these people, and most times, they reciprocated.


I started to branch out beyond Twitter.

I started searching and browsing other like-minded blogs and websites, and checking out people’s Facebook pages as well. I came across a few really great websites that were exactly in alignment with my values, purpose and passion of being a stay-at-home Mom. I joined their communities and once again, because those members were all like-minded, we followed each other. More than just “following” each other however, they have become great resource and inspiration based communities that I enjoy being involved with.


Finally, I became proficient in re-tweeting from websites and blogs, not just from

Most websites have a “tweet this” button or link which makes it really easy. For those few times when I have to manually tweet something, I just copy and paste the website link into the “what’s happening?” box and add a personal comment. I keep it short (as we have to stay concise), and that in itself is great training. I try to comment on other people’s blogs as much as possible, not just to put my “stamp” out there, but actually being authentic in what I write.

This last point is probably the most important tip I can give anyone, no matter what your goal, purpose or business. Be authentic. This means being you. Don’t write things that you think other people want to read. Write things that reflect who you are. Don’t tweet things that don’t touch your heart. Don’t follow people just because they are there. Share things that make you say “yes, exactly!” Connect with people who you genuinely would want to have a lasting relationship with.

Opening yourself up might seem vulnerable, but in the end it will attract you to the people you want and need to create success in your life.


To summarize: be and stay active; follow and engage with people who are like-minded; and be authentic. If you approach social networking in this way, the numbers will come, and you can feel good about how you got there, just like me.

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