Amber, I don’t even know how to properly express my gratitude and appreciation for all your work & effort with this project! Thank you! You have been an absolute breathe of fresh air after dealing with my last nightmare web guy. Thank you, thank you, thank you — it is GREATLY appreciated!!

Amy Deagle

Amber! Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me get my business on track for monetizing. I soooo appreciate your willingness to share your super-fab ideas and invest time into me so I can improve my business and start bringing some money in. I came out of our time together re-energized, focused and ultra-excited to jump on the strategies your provided. I am declaring that I will have a testimony within the next 30 days using your fresh ideas. You will be hearing from me soon, as I look forward to signing up for your Authentic Leader Academy. Thank you so much!!

Shannon M

Wow over the top! This is how I describe my business strategy session with Amber. The process she took me through to help me to clearly identify my ideal client was amazing. Initially, I was focusing on creating my content too broadly. Now, I’m working on creating laser focused content to meet the needs of my ideal readers. Furthermore, she gave great advice for marketing on the right platform for my ideal client. Also, she has a really sweet personality. I could feel she really loves what she does and wants to genuinely help others.

Latasha Hodges

“Wow, this [blog post] is excellent! I don’t have any changes to add. It’s perfect! The tone and style is exactly how I want it. Many thanks!”


Arvid Yap

There are leaders, and there are those who lead. In a similar fashion there are web developers, and there are Online Business Development Coaches (those who develop your platform from your web of ideas and a host of social media channels.)

Why hire three different individuals when you can get all three (Web Developer, Social Media Branding Specialist and Online Business Development Coach) in one person – Amber Ludwig

Having said that, I do not recommend companies. I recommend individuals. I recommend Amber because I trust her (and that trust is based on her unwavering integrity and competence)

Ray Charles

These [photoquotes] are so friggin gorgeous.

Nancy D. Solomon

Amber is like my best-kept-secret – every time I’m launching a new class or workshop she is my go-to-gal to getting all of my systems aligned and integrated. Her communication is impeccable and she takes care of things with ease. Highly recommend!

Melissa Cassera

I have known Amber for several years. She is personable, highly attentive to her work, great results & great integrity with all people

Ron Gollehon

“Amber’s workshop taught me all about using social media, building a website and having content – it was an amazing experience. Amber is so professional at what she does. You will love her, learn from her…she has lots to offer.”

Jan Haas