Amber has taught me so many things over the last several years. She knows what she is talking about. She is an incredibly smart individual. I chose her particular model and supporting materials out of thousands to make a go of my new role at this company (she had previously been there before my time). I had only a small frame of time to get some numbers up on the board that showed growth in not only in our individuals, but also in our teams operating as a unit. This can be GAME CHANGING to your LIFE and your BUSINESS. It sure helped me. Thanks Amber!

Julie Davis

“Amber helped us design and launch our new website this year. She was helpful, knowledgeable, creative, and prompt. We loved her creative ideas and her expertise. She was patient and helpful at every turn! Thank you Amber!”

Alison and Jeff Current

When I hired Amber, I needed some guidance on creating an online product to offer as a freebie. In just a few minutes, she helped me zero in on two perfect ideas. She has a gift of clarifying marketing strategy very quickly and with laser focus. Her rate was so reasonable, I was completely impressed. I’d recommend her to anyone!

Lisa Chell

I am thrilled to be working with Amber and her team. I have experienced her as being very responsive and invested in my success. I love the way she structures the different parts of the process so that it comes in organized bite-size chunks and then guides you through the process. I feel confident that my needs are well understood and are in expert hands!

Ingrid Awerbuch

Amber is a very talented and creative developer who is a real pleasure to work with. Always quick to respond and never failed to come up with the right solutions.

Marcus Yong

Amber is wise beyond her years, a brilliant “go getter” who is a shining star and stellar example to us “older” folk!

Leslee Serdar

Amber gets it right the first time. Creative and on time are just some of the experiences you will have working with her.

Jigs McHugh

Amber is an amazing marketing/web coach and consultant. She under promised and over delivered for me each time, every time. She is a great combination of left brain/right brain intelligence which I believe, is needed for website implementation. She combined common sense strategy and creative enthusiasm with my website creation. She was a delight to work with and cannot say enough about her infectious enthusiasm, passion and expertise!

Leslee Serdar

“Amber is very knowledgeable and someone you can count on to get things done right with your online presence and business. I found her to be reliable, cost effective and savvy. This is not easy to find. She is a gem.”

Skyler Madison

Amber………you’re the best! The website has been a huge success in regards to traffic being directed from google, CND etc. and has gathered more new clients than I might have received otherwise. Always getting compliments from those that have seen the website….so pleased!

Carol H