Todd and Amber: We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are. You have been so professional and it has been a pleasure (and so easy) to work with you both! We are beyond excited and proud to start showing off our new website! It looks better then we hoped! Thank you again for all of your hard work. You are the best!


Heather Reis

Thanks so much Amber! I loved our [coaching] call. I found it very helpful that you differentiated long term vs. short term actions and gave me something I could do to get results now.

I also appreciated that you were straight with me. As coaches, sometimes we have to tell people things that aren’t easy to say (or hear). You say what needs to be said with a strong dose of common sense and love.

As a brand new entrepreneur, I also love it that your work is accessible to me financially. As much as I might want to sign up for a big package, I don’t feel that I’m in a position to do that right now. I’m very thankful to have found someone I can actually afford to work with who seriously knows what she’s talking about. You can bet I’ll be recommending you.

Renée Suzanne

Amber provided exceptional support and took the initiative to create an “out of the box” solution for an unexpected problem (that went beyond her responsibility) so we could meet our deadline.

Patti Waterbury

“In the last two days, I have listened to your “Top Truths To Big Business Success” podcast audio teliseminar replay twice. I am going to listen to it again this weekend. I could not make it to the live seminar weeks ago, so the replay was the next best thing. It is so “flippin’ cool. That is right. I said “flippin”. Two hours of jammed packed “awesomeness.” You never fail to amaze me in the advice and tips you can pack into content you share, whether it be free or paid content. I was gitty listening to it because of such great ideas you were sharing–some were new ideas and some were great reminders. I have notes from the audio written on my arms, hands, scratch pieces of paper, etc. As I move through the last two days, I am leaving a trail of notes from the awesome ideas your shared that I have written down–except for the hands and arm notes. Your audio ignited a blazing fire within me based on your superstar message for building a successful business. No wonder you are so successful in business–you apply what you preach, and it works! That shows the power you have as a business coach. You believe in yourself, and you believe in the people who look to you as a role model and leader. The only thing left to say is Thank You. Thank you for inspiring, helping, and transforming individuals to strive for greatness, just like how you are living your dream through what you do every day.” – Nicholas Kleve

Nicholas Kleve

Amber was the lead designer for creating my website. Right from the first phone call she understood the vision I was creating. She was able to take what she saw as the website and articulate her thoughts very clearly and I was very happy with the end result. When it comes to working with Amber you will not only receive her full attention but she is truly about servicing your goals as if they were hers.

Tommy Maloney

I am very impressed by the book Sales Campaign that you created for Dr. Kim D’Eramo’s book launch. I will want you to do one for me as soon as I get another version of my book finished! You are a Master!!

Rhondda Hartman

Thank you!!!!! We are together celebrating. You have done a wonderful job! You’ve all been really amazing. Love working with Shannon, you and your team. I’m really happy you love the site. We’re so thrilled with how it has turned out!

Glynnis Osher & Melanie Harris

Wow, this is something. You can feel a professional writer here from the first words.


Amber is an amazing marketing/web coach and consultant. She under promised and over delivered for me each time, every time. She is a great combination of left brain/right brain intelligence which I believe, is needed for website implementation. She combined common sense strategy and creative enthusiasm with my website creation. She was a delight to work with and cannot say enough about her infectious enthusiasm, passion and expertise!

Leslee Serdar

The Key Message Copy Platform Casey Demchak wrote for us was really spot on. The marketing messages he created were dynamic and persuasive, and the process was smooth and professional. Having 10 pages of well-crafted marketing messages at my fingertips made it much easier to put together engaging content for all of our marketing channels. Thanks Casey!

Dawn Miears