“If I could describe Amber in one word, it would simply be AWESOME! Well, maybe EXTRAORDINARY! Then again, it could be AMAZING! Regardless of the word, it has been such a pleasure working with Amber. She taught me a great deal about Internet Marketing, Blogging and creating Web sites, all while remaining focused on every detail. What seemed daunting and scary to me, Amber made creative and fun.”

Paul E Hendricks

Darling Amber, Thank YOU so much for a wonderful call. It is so nice to talk to someone who gets me. You seriously rock. I LOVE working with you. Thank you for everything! P.S. You are my Fairy Godmother!

Kathy Wilson

Working with Amber and the team at NGNG Enterprises was an awesome experience for me. They were able to guide me through a very structured process to create a final product (website) that was exactly what I had envisioned and am very proud to promote. Everyone was super easy to work with, very responsive and experts in their specific areas. It’s great to have a partner that is highly competent in the many facets of online business development and I am confident I’ll be reaching out to Amber and her team for ongoing support as my business grows.

Steve Bouchard

Amber, your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!! 😉 Excellent. Also appreciate your flexibility . . . 🙂 I totally can see how you enjoy designing these images, your work looks very, very good.

Eric Van Der Hope

“I hired Amber as a Coach and to create a landing page for my participation in the Lisa Nichols Co-Author Program. Amber is an outstanding person to work with she was able to conceptualize my vision and then bring it to fruition. She provided valuable insight as to how I could grow my business as an Independent Performance Professional and an Author/Motivational Speaker. I would recommend Amber because she is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. She was able to keep me on track and we met our deadlines within a 3 week time-frame and was able to present a superb product!! Amber get’s it done!!”

Loretta (La-Rue’) Duncan-Fowler

“I cannot speak highly enough about Amber’s work…she met timelines, developed it quickly and created a website for my company that everyone compliments me on. She brought a value to my company that is beyond dollars.”

Jim Moores

You very well could be the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I don’t think I value anyone’s opinion more than yours.

Travis Watson

I loved working with Amber! Amber and I worked together in a partnership managing the eWomenPublishingNetwork book campaign that achieved #1 status in 10 categories at Amazon.com. Not only is Amber extremely knowledgeable and talented, she is quick to respond, highly professional, and I could always rely on her to follow through exactly as promised and in a timely fashion.

Ashten Conroy