Serious Happy Dance!  Thanks for everything, Amber. Waking up to my live website is a really different feeling. I already have another service to add!   Here’s to the beginning of a new phase and to our continued working together! Thanks so much for all of your patience and careful attention.

Rose Hayden

Amber – When I get going, anyone who ever wants help, I’ll be recommending you. You are without question the most professional, patient (god knows you need it with me!), trustworthy and kind professional woman out there. A real diamond! I’ll be recommending you as the go-to person/company to anyone who wants your services. I respect your values, integrity and priceless qualities. I hope to run an efficient and excellent company like you do. You’re a great role model for aspiring entrepreneurs with big missions!

Anne Williams

“There is one word that describes Amber – ROCKSTAR. Amber is extremely knowledgeable, organized and always goes the extra mile. NGNG has an amazing web development team who are all super professional, get things done efficiently and provide awesome service. I would not hesitate to recommend Amber for Website Development and Online Business Development.”

Kate Muker

“Amber is a true professional expert. She is authentic, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive and inspiring. In every area of my business that she has helped me, I have seen success. I highly recommend Amber for any of your online business needs!”

Pamela Zimmer

Thank you! You we’re amazing today. I was really nervous about getting on the call today not knowing what to expect and wondering if my vision and the way I want to approach things matches your vision. I left the call feeling motivated and inspired. I feel ready to take action and you’ve given me hope that I can create a brand that offers value and a brand that transform the lives of many while getting paid to do what you love. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Naomi Sodomin

I just started using MailChimp through my web site and Amber’s company was my guidance. I could never have accomplished it without her help. She basically took me by the hand and guided me step by step through the whole process and I was able to get my e-newsletters up and running. She was very patient with the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. I highly recommend her services.

George Yardley

I’d highly recommend Casey Demchak. Over the years he’s crafted many successful marketing messages for my brochures, web pages, direct mail packages and public relations materials. The result has been increased sales and greater brand recognition for all my products and services.

Sara Allison-DeRousse

It was a pleasure to work with Amber. She is absolutely awesome! Amber is very knowledgeable, creative, detailed, timely, patient and informative. She takes time to explain everything in detail so that all are clear on the project and communicates frequently throughout the project. She is definitely “my get it done girl.” I highly recommend Amber.

Rochele Lawson

I have LOVED working with you and Richard on copywriting for my blog posts and I definitely have more projects that I’d love your help with!!!!

Andreea Ayers

I just want to say how much I absolutely love, love, love, love, love these quotes and the way they came out! This is great! This is just so cool and I love the way you’ve done them. Definitely keep doing whatever you’re doing.

Tom Rubens