Amber brings a clarity and ease to web design to grow your business with the latest tools. She knows her stuff and really is your “get-it-done girl!” I appreciate her business acumen, gusto, support and encouragement.

Cheryl Brewster

These [photoquotes] are so friggin gorgeous.

Nancy D. Solomon

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is an exceptional web designer and mentor. Her passion for helping her clients to visually express and sell themselves online is second to none. Her work is extremely personalised. Working with Amber to develop your brand and web presence is something I highly recommend you take advantage of if you are serious about your brand. The consultation that is provided allows both Amber and her clients to end up producing a product that is professional, targetted, niched and sells. If you are thinking about setting up a website, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer should be your first port of call. Your website is the shopping window to the world. It has been a pleasure working with Amber in the development of my website.She goes beyond the call of duty and played a major role in getting my book to become a No1 best seller on Amazon.

Vanessa McLean

I am very impressed by the book Sales Campaign that you created for Dr. Kim D’Eramo’s book launch. I will want you to do one for me as soon as I get another version of my book finished! You are a Master!!

Rhondda Hartman

Amber has taught me so many things over the last several years. She knows what she is talking about. She is an incredibly smart individual. I chose her particular model and supporting materials out of thousands to make a go of my new role at this company (she had previously been there before my time). I had only a small frame of time to get some numbers up on the board that showed growth in not only in our individuals, but also in our teams operating as a unit. This can be GAME CHANGING to your LIFE and your BUSINESS. It sure helped me. Thanks Amber!

Julie Davis

I have LOVED working with you and Richard on copywriting for my blog posts and I definitely have more projects that I’d love your help with!!!!

Andreea Ayers

Amber has been an essential partner in building my business…a partner I consult on a regular basis…and whose guidance has always been expert and timely. I recommend her without reservation.

Tom Rubens

Thank you!!!!! We are together celebrating. You have done a wonderful job! You’ve all been really amazing. Love working with Shannon, you and your team. I’m really happy you love the site. We’re so thrilled with how it has turned out!

Glynnis Osher & Melanie Harris

Amber is an unbelievable individual with experience that gives her great confidence in her consultative role. I’m building a specific website (I’m really not building it, but rather Amber is my “go to” web development advisor and ultimate guide, and the project will go incredibly well with her at the helm. I have used her for some much smaller projects and based on those results, I will always use her for my web and internet needs. She’s merely “the BEST!!”

Steve Replin