Amber, your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!! 😉 Excellent. Also appreciate your flexibility . . . 🙂 I totally can see how you enjoy designing these images, your work looks very, very good.

Eric Van Der Hope

Amber – When I get going, anyone who ever wants help, I’ll be recommending you. You are without question the most professional, patient (god knows you need it with me!), trustworthy and kind professional woman out there. A real diamond! I’ll be recommending you as the go-to person/company to anyone who wants your services. I respect your values, integrity and priceless qualities. I hope to run an efficient and excellent company like you do. You’re a great role model for aspiring entrepreneurs with big missions!

Anne Williams

Amber is the most proactive person I have ever met. Her attention to detail is amazing and she keeps on top of staying connected. I highly recommend Amber for whatever venture she is involved with!

Matthew Pontiff

Amber is a phenomenal multi-tasker. She makes you feel like you are the only client she is working with even though it is clear she has a full plate. Quick to respond to questions and pleas to help Amber helped us redesign our website and learn to manage it ourselves in a very short time. If you need help with your website or blog, Amber can do it.

Tom Loring

“Amber you are so diligent and thorough with your work and I not only see but feel the pride and passion in what you do. As your website states – you truly are Insightful! It’s a blessing to be working with you through this process of creating my website. Thank you for all your support, help and patience with me.”

Debi Donner

“If you need something done, call Amber. And, chances are, she’s already working on it. Amber has extensive knowledge of web design and how to efficiently integrate technology to make it serve the client. While Amber’s ability to see the big picture (the business problem I’m trying to solve through technology) sets her apart, service is what makes Amber exceptional. She anticipates, listens, recommends, listens some more, and follows through – quickly and accurately. She’s a valued resource and trusted partner!”

Coach Dan Clemens

Amber has been an essential partner in building my business…a partner I consult on a regular basis…and whose guidance has always been expert and timely. I recommend her without reservation.

Tom Rubens

Holy cow I just went to check my Facebook page for Quality Quilts and I LOVE what you and your team (esp Keri) have done. I sure picked the right person when I picked you to help me with all this. So blessed to have found you and your team.

Laura Winckel

“In the last two days, I have listened to your “Top Truths To Big Business Success” podcast audio teliseminar replay twice. I am going to listen to it again this weekend. I could not make it to the live seminar weeks ago, so the replay was the next best thing. It is so “flippin’ cool. That is right. I said “flippin”. Two hours of jammed packed “awesomeness.” You never fail to amaze me in the advice and tips you can pack into content you share, whether it be free or paid content. I was gitty listening to it because of such great ideas you were sharing–some were new ideas and some were great reminders. I have notes from the audio written on my arms, hands, scratch pieces of paper, etc. As I move through the last two days, I am leaving a trail of notes from the awesome ideas your shared that I have written down–except for the hands and arm notes. Your audio ignited a blazing fire within me based on your superstar message for building a successful business. No wonder you are so successful in business–you apply what you preach, and it works! That shows the power you have as a business coach. You believe in yourself, and you believe in the people who look to you as a role model and leader. The only thing left to say is Thank You. Thank you for inspiring, helping, and transforming individuals to strive for greatness, just like how you are living your dream through what you do every day.” – Nicholas Kleve

Nicholas Kleve