Amber is a very talented and creative developer who is a real pleasure to work with. Always quick to respond and never failed to come up with the right solutions.

Marcus Yong

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is always one step ahead of the curve in all aspects of her life, be they personal or professional. I am fortunate to know her as both a friend and a colleague. In her “work state”, Amber is vivacious, creative, and ambitious; but without the hard edge. She will reach out to offer a helping hand, advice, and let others share in her successes, but just as easily; Amber will ask for help, and criticism, and allow her efforts to go unnoticed in another’s limelight. Her actions are genuine whether they be as a friend or a business partner. She is an asset to any group, team, collaboration, or company.

Jason Reagan

Amber is a tremendous talent! Intensely knowledgeable in her field, but approachable and a joy to work with. You won’t find a better person to work alongside!

John Chrisbens

Amber, your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!! 😉 Excellent. Also appreciate your flexibility . . . 🙂 I totally can see how you enjoy designing these images, your work looks very, very good.

Eric Van Der Hope

Amber is the “Go-To” person when I recommend a WordPress website developer. Every client I have sent her way has praised her excellent work and expertise and her dedication to excellence. She is the number one person I recommend in every instance.

Nick Zelinger

I have LOVED working with you and Richard on copywriting for my blog posts and I definitely have more projects that I’d love your help with!!!!

Andreea Ayers

“I hired Amber as a Coach and to create a landing page for my participation in the Lisa Nichols Co-Author Program. Amber is an outstanding person to work with she was able to conceptualize my vision and then bring it to fruition. She provided valuable insight as to how I could grow my business as an Independent Performance Professional and an Author/Motivational Speaker. I would recommend Amber because she is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. She was able to keep me on track and we met our deadlines within a 3 week time-frame and was able to present a superb product!! Amber get’s it done!!”

Loretta (La-Rue’) Duncan-Fowler

Amber is not only the most motivated woman I have ever worked with but the most energetic,and focused person I have worked with. She can juggle so many projects at once and know the details of each one like no one I’ve ever known.

Jeff Rohrer

We are very happy with the site! Thank you for making our business look professional. I’m proud to tell people to go to my site. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your team made this a great experience, and I will tell people about how friendly and professional you are.

Lehman Riley

“Amber is like my best-kept-secret – every time I’m launching a new class or workshop she is my go-to-gal to getting all of my systems aligned and integrated. Her communication is impeccable and she takes care of things with ease. Highly recommend!”

Melissa Cassera