Google Search Engine Ranking Changes!

Welp, Google is at it again! You may have heard that Google is changing their algorithm to benefit websites that are mobile friendly and punish those that are not.

That means if your website does NOT pass the mobile friendly test, then your pages will get ranked lower in Google’s search engine and it will be much harder for you to get natural organic traffic on your site. (Yikes!!)

Today, that change was officially made so soon we’ll start see that shift in page rank for sites across the board.

Feel free to read Google’s FAQ page about this change >>

Now what?

Step 1. Have your site scanned to see if you pass the mobile friendly test.

Step 2. If you fail, you need to get your site converted ASAP or your business results may start to suffer.

The best way to ensure your website is mobile friendly is to make sure it’s “responsive.” This means your site changes it’s size automatically depending on the mobile device you’re using. Need a quote to convert your site? Simply replyback with your website url and I’ll get a quote for you from the programmers on my team.

Another solution I suggest to WordPress users, is to buy WP Touch Pro. It’s $100 and installs on your website. You’ll want to customize it to look good, feature the right content etc. after you install it. If you have any questions or if you’d prefer us to install it for you just let me know.

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