Get Rid of that Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Do you wonder why you’re not getting better results? Do you secretly feel you could be living life more fully?

Most feel a fog – a lack of understanding on how to get what they want from life.

The Mindset Challenge

Amber Ludwig-VilhauerIf the first step to breaking a habit is awareness, I propose a challenge for you.

Be masterfully in tune with your thoughts today and keep a tally of the number of times you are thinking thoughts that make you feel bad.

For example, “I should do that, but I’ll do it tomorrow.” This makes us feel bad because we could do that task today but don’t so deep inside we know we’re not living our potential.


“So much for that idea, someone is already doing it, an well.” This makes us feel inadequate and small.


“I want to do this, but I’m not capable because of x reason.” This is just plain wrong and sad but SO common!

Be aware. Tally your thoughts. You’ll be shocked but it will be a huge eye opener to why you are not living the life you ultimately want.

Our success, and living our lives to the fullest, begins with our thinking.


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