Live Your Life in the Front Row

amber-ludwig-front-row-foundationDuring my time at Vector Marketing I got the privilege of meeting some very powerful leaders, but one stuck out to me in particular. A man named Jon Vroman.

While Jon and I worked at Vector (who markets Cutco Cutlery) he co-founded a very powerful non-profit called “The Front Row Foundation“. The mission is to help people facing life threatening medical conditions get into the front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of the recipients’ choice.

From Jon:

Someone once asked me, “Jon, why do you put so much effort into front row tickets?”

For anyone reading this that’s been in the front row, you already know the answer. For those who have not, let me say it this way, being in the front row feels like you’re part of the event itself.

There is a tangible energy.

The music vibrating through your body.

The intensity in the faces of the athletes.

The voices of the actors.

Finally, it’s not just sitting in the front row at any event; the goal of the organization is to have people sit in the front row to see their favorite sports team, musician or show and that is what makes Front Row Foundation so special.

Ultimately, I envision bands, venues, and ticket agencies donating tickets for every concert, sporting event or live performance in the world.

There won’t be an event taking place without someone sitting there, hands in the air and “livin’ life in the front row.”

Sponsors include Cutco Cutlery, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Panera Bread, Eagles, Oakley, Phillies, Bluegrass, Watts Communications and many others.

Just one of the many inspiring true stories that the Front Row Foundation made possible:

front-row-foundation-kelly-clarkson“On October 12th 2007, four year old Sophie, who is diagnosed with a brain tumor, met her favorite singer Kelly Clarkson. Sophie and her family were in attendance for Kelly’s outstanding performance at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey…and of course, watched from the front row!

The day began when a 15 passenger stretched limousine picked up Sophie, her parents Lauren and Jeff, her two Aunts and grandparents at their home in Southern New Jersey. The 45 minute ride to Atlantic City ended at the Rainforest Café where they were sharing dinner with elephants, gorillas and there was even a thunderstorm right in the restaurant!

Following dinner, they experienced a fun filled night at concert where they sung their hearts out! Finally, the entire family enjoyed a suite at the Borgata Hotel and Casino. When the night ended, Kelly was huge fan of Sophie….and with that smile, who wouldn’t be? “

View Past Event Gallery »

If you are interested in helping, there are many ways you can. And as Jon says, “I’m convinced that by caring about others, you are ‘living your life in the Front Row’ and by doing so, you are helping yourself and everyone you come in contact with.”

  1. The Front Row website has a glossary of volunteer areas including event planning, publicity, graphic design, copy writer, board of directors and more.
  2. They also need people of influence to help raise money for the foundation. One of their popular ways to raise money is the “Run for the Front” event. Starting in South Jersey, this event has spread to various US cities and Canada. You can choose which event you would like to participate in, or even create your own event. You choose the distance, your team and location.

The 2009 goal for finances raised is $400,000. Do you have a friend or loved one whom you would like to nominate as a recipient? Do you want to help? Are you ready to live your life in the Front Row? Find out more by going to the website.

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