From Gutsy to Grounded: An Entrepreneur's Experience of Managing Success

Have you ever been faced with an enormous opportunity and scrambled to decide if it was worth pursuing or not? Along the journey to making the decision, you’re filled with anxiety, fears, excitement, limiting beliefs, and imagination of the relief this opportunity could bring.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

Being an entrepreneur offers so many interesting and unique experiences that you just couldn’t get anywhere else. I started my company in 2007 and named it NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory). I have trained my Courage muscle to give me the guts to pursue any goal I wanted to achieve and now, through my work I encourage other entrepreneurs to do the same.

I wanted to stand out in my career. I wanted to be one of the best at what I do. I can offer several keys to success, such as:

  • Make each of your clients feel like they are your top priority because they should be (yes, even the little guys or people who can’t afford your services – everyone!)
  • Respond as quickly as possible to people’s requests, even if it’s an email reply saying you’ll get back to them shortly (people LOVE the comfort of knowing you are on top of it)
  • Treat your team like the absolute gold that they are (you wouldn’t have a successful company without them)
  • Pay everyone and every bill on time or early (It’s responsible and fair, again showing you are on top of it and reliable – rare!)
  • Be thorough in your work (Your attention to details will separate you faster from the pack than most anything else)
  • Have the guts and initiative to challenge yourself (Don’t ever do the minimum)
  • Inspire and educate others as much as possible (This will give you unmatched energy to keep going, even when you’re feeling doubt or procrastination creep in)
  • Say YES to opportunity (Be a “yes” person not to people please but to launch yourself into new adventures that will lead to unparalleled success)

I could go on and on and on about the philosophies I run my business by. This mindset has allowed me to achieve a 30-50% sales growth each year I have been in business, clients and friends to regularly send message of gratitude and has given me a feeling of peace and confidence in how I show up in the world. If you ask other top producers, they will say the same.

As you figure out your keys to success as an entrepreneur, opportunity comes knocking on your door more and more and more. This is when the real ride begins. You start to dream of a big sales goal and actually hit it! You start to imagine the expansion of your company and you actually achieve it!

At some point though, you’ll experience a tipping point. This stage is at a different milestone for everyone. For me, it was in January when I realized I had the opportunity to grow my business into a million dollar earner. It scared me and it invigorated me.

My company was in negotiations with multiple BIG companies who wanted to create an alliance and long-term partnership. I was speaking more and producing more product – we were servicing more clients than ever before. This is what every entrepreneur dreams of right?!?

A quiet voice inside (which later got much, much louder) helped me realize it wasn’t my dream after all. My dream was to stay involved with clients. To motivate them to maximize their potential and share their message with the world through online marketing. I wanted to get my hands dirty every day and coach people to pursue their dreams … I didn’t want to just hire someone to do all of this work that I was so passionate about. I hit a roadblock and it took much soul searching to decide what to do from that place of uncertainty. Should I keep going, close these deals and hope I feel happier once I’m on the other side? Or do I stop, regroup and work on a new plan that headed in a direction I was more excited about?

As you grow your company, you will experience many moments like this. These are a few steps I took to gain clarity about how to move forward:

  • Have conversations with people who have been where you are. For me, I chose to have conversations with leaders who grew to that million dollar success, and leaders who chose not to pursue that scalability yet have very successful companies anyway. I always like to get both sides of the story, ask smart questions and make the best decision for myself, from there.
  • Get centered and really explore what you want from life. If you know what you want from life, you can construct a plan to make that dream a reality.
  • Be at peace knowing that either decision you make, you will be OK. Life is ever-changing. New opportunities will continue to pop up. Sometimes it’s ok to just go with the flow.
  • Take the time you need to make the decision. While it feels like, “NOW is the time! I have to decide right now!!” No, you don’t. People are patient and you don’t always need to be on other people’s timelines. Take the time you need to decide what is right for you business and life. Opportunity will still be there, waiting patiently.
  • Trust your gut instinct. That’s what I did and WOW did it work out well in the end. Better than I could have ever hoped.

I had chosen not to pursue those deals and partnerships and continue to focus on what I was passionate about. My company growth is already up over 55% this year even without those deals, my team is happy and I am happy.

What was your biggest takeaway from my experience? I’d love to connect with you and know the challenge you face and what you plan to do about it. Simple leave a comment below and let’s continue the conversation.


Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Your Get-It-Done Girl

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