Q&A: How Do I Get Email Subscribers and How Often Should I Send Emails?

Dianne MaroneyDianne Maroney submitted a question for the “Ask Amber” Podcast asking how to add an optin box to her website and how often she should email her subscribers.

Those are great questions!

I talk about the 3 areas I include optin boxes to my website and how you should design them for best results. I go into detail about the welcome email autoresponder you should have setup. Then I talk about how often to email your email list as well as a popular format for the structure of your emails.

All of this is explained and more in this Authentic Leader Q&A episode!

Video Format

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How Do I Get Email Subscribers and How Often Should I Send Emails?

  1. Stacie Walker

    Hello Amber,

    You and I have been following one another on Twitter for a couple of weeks. It’s such an honor to connect with you. I wanted to give you my feedback about your Q and A video segment. I absolutely LOVE it! You did a fantastic job explaining the importance of placement of an opt-in box to build a quality email list on a website. Thanks for all of the valuable advice. Keep up the great work.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker

      1. Stacie Walker

        Hi Amber,

        I’m always looking for stellar entrepreneurial women such as yourself. I will send you a message through your contact page. I also followed you on Twitter. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

        Many blessings,
        Stacie Walker

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