Custom Designed Website Headers: Does Your Site Need an Updated Look? (+ See Examples)

Your website header is one of the most important aspects of your website design. It sets the stage for what visitors can expect personality/energy wise. This feeling transfers to your visitor and either makes a good impression or bad impression.

You’ve maybe heard that a great salesperson just transfers their enthusiasm about their product to the buyer. Your website design needs to help transfer that enthusiasm visually to get more prospects converting into buyers.

Great Website Header Examples for Authors, Speakers and Coaches

One of my favorite website headers is Kris Carr’s:

WordPress website custom design header NGNG Enterprises

It’s crisp, it’s colorful (like her green smoothies), it’s fun, it’s out in nature — it perfectly explains her brand and draws in her perfect client avatar.

Another goodie custom website header design is Christine Kane’s:

WordPress website custom graphic designed header

Similarly to Kris Carr’s, Christine has a clean, professional fresh look. Solid, more bold colors are in right now! Note these ladies didn’t skimp on their photos. They are professionally done and they look beautiful!

Dr. Sukhi’s  site is also showing a fab header example:

WordPress website custom design header graphics

Doesn’t he look so approachable and easy to talk to? That’s exactly what he was aiming for. It’s so refreshing to see an ‘expert’ show their human side. Plus we’re seeing bold solid energetic colors. See a website header trend here?

“But my header sucks… now what?”

It’s just a matter of hooking up with a graphic designer or company (like ours!) that can redesign your header for you.

If you want our help, simply send us a contact inquiry. I’ll look at your current website header and let you know my opinion on if you’re safe with your current header, or if it’s turning off your website visitors.

It wouldn’t take more than 2 hours to design 3 different website header comps for you to review. We’ll review them together and discuss any changes you’d like, then you’ll get to keep the original graphic files to place on your website.

It’s soo important to have a compelling website header graphic that makes your visitor feel excited, comfortable and ready to take action.

So take some action yourself now and contact me to continue the conversation on getting your website header up to par! 🙂

Custom designed WordPress website headers

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