It’s Time to Get Creative With Promoting Your Website

How often have I heard, “I need more traffic to my website (or blog)” or “My site isn’t being picked up by Search Engines“. A lot.

Here are a few things that maybe you haven’t thought of to increase your website viability.

1. If you haven’t put your website URL into your email signature line, you’re crazy. Here’s an example:

2. Publish a few articles. Everyone has content on their site that they can turn into an article real quick. Each blog post could probably be an article, each page of your site. Why not? I would suggest get at least 5 out there asap.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Read more about Social Networking on one of my previous blog posts by clicking here: What is Twitter, Facebook, Digg,, Flickr, Squidoo, and all the others?

4. Go to Yahoo! Answers and answer questions. This is a website set up purely to have the public ask questions into the vast World Wide Web – and anyone can answer. Here are a few of the latest questions asked on Yahoo! Answers:

  • How can you change the color of your MSN personal message?
  • What are some good campgrounds in New York?
  • Can Flickr’s slideshows start automatically?

You can even search for questions by category (like your industry!!). I would get on there once a week even and see if you can answer 5-10 questions real quick.

5. Write reviews. This will depend on your industry and market of course, but you could write a review on a book, a product or a service – anything! People love unbiased reviews and will keep you in mind as a trustworthy source. Plus this is an easy way for you to get picked up by search engines. Did you know you can create mini-sites at this place for free? (Perfect for a review!!)

That should help you get started! Remember, you don’t have to do everything all at once. Baby steps. I have no idea where I would be or what I would get done without my to-do list. I write everything down there and then just cross one thing off at a time. Every step you make is progress so don’t beat yourself up on whether you made a big step or a little one.

It will all help increase your online exposure!

So what other ideas do you guys have for promoting your website??

6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Creative With Promoting Your Website

  1. Matthew

    Press releases can be a great promo tool too. I like to send a couple out every month. I searched for a list of all the newspapers in my state, plus a few of the nationwide biggies. I got the editor email addresses, and that’s the list I send them too – plus a few online ones like and

    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

      Ha! I do the exact same thing Bob. I love the Facebook plugin. If you haven’t heard of them, you can Google “Wordbook Plugin” and you’ll see it can automate posts to your Facebook wall once you publish a WordPress post. Thanks for the follow!

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