Pre-Schedule Your Facebook Posts for the Week for Increased Productivity

You’ve heard that making regular posts on social media is critical to your success, and you heard that right! I also know that posting on Facebook is tough to do during the day. You get wrapped up on client projects, phone calls and email.

What I would suggest is scheduling all of your social media posts for the week on a Sunday or even the Friday before.

Post great educational and inspiring content your audience will enjoy reading. Post 2-4 times a day at different times (for example, space out posts every 2 hours or so).

How do I schedule […]

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Organize Your Way to the Top: 5 Keys from an Efficiency Queen

A question I get all the time from clients or those who know me well is, “How do you do it all?“

I wasn’t born with some amazing ability to multi-task or be crazy efficient. It’s something I worked really hard at. Now, sure, it comes very easily which is why my first reaction to questions about how I pull it all off is, “I have no idea!” It’s a habit now and I want to share some keys with you of how I came to be super efficient, which allowed me to take on more client projects, which resulted in […]

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How to Manage the Overwhelm for Creative Minds + Take the Product Creation Pledge

Just in the past two days, you wouldn’t realize how many ideas came into my mind of ways I wanted to, or could, expand my business. Tons of product ideas, GOOD ideas, tasks added to my to-do list… this all on top of my existing work load.

Being an entrepreneur is very challenging and can get overwhelming quick. You must manage your existing projects well so you can increase retention and build a committed following, but then you must also have a strong focus on product creation and expansion (not to mention just maintaining the work you’ve produced so far).

So how […]

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How to Write Content for the Web

If you’re a website or online newbie, you are probably on “information overload” about the what to do and what not to do online. This blog is dedicated to teaching you the right way to do things to get the best results. Do check back regularly for new content, tips and resources, or even easier, stay connected with me through my eMailing list or on social networks!

Today’s “how to” is all about writing content for the web. Below I have several tips that will help keep your readers engaged in what you have to say:

General Tips for Writing on the […]

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Aligning with Promotional Partners to Gain Exposure, Share Your Message and Make More Money Online

There’s no doubt you have a powerful message to get out to the world. You have great ideas spurring all the time even. But are you strategically positioning yourself to gain faster success and make more income?

Brendon Burchard is right when he says people are uncomfortable talking about making money – especially off their message. They WANT to do it and NEED to do it, but they’re uncomfortable talking about it. I am too, but it’s natural and necessary. We need to put income in our pockets to sustain the message.

One way […]

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6 Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral

This is a guest article by #1 bestselling author, film producer, screenwriter, attorney and owner of her own production company – the lovely and talented Beth Rosen:


The best way to reach a large number of people and get your message across on the internet today is through video but not just any video. It must be a video that captures and keeps your audienceʼs attention.

Video is considered by Google as a higher form of engagement than a simple blog or article and ranks higher in the ratings. Therefore you […]

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How to Build Your Online Platform

You have a powerful message inside. You’re bursting at the seams to get it out. You have endless inspiration and ideas. There’s only one problem – it takes time to build your online platform.

So many people have this dilemma. The next step is to rush, rush through logo and website design, rush to add content to the site, rush to turn that sign over to read “Open for business!”

My suggestion? Ask your web developer (how do you know if your web person is any good? click here) to put up a blog with a decent free theme. Someplace […]

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Business Branding Exercise: Is Your Message Clear to Your Audience?

Is your business branded properly? What is the most important thing you want others to know? Why are you here? What do you have a burning desire to share? Your answer to those questions will become your “key message” – one that you repeat over and over again in conversations, content and product creation. It should be easy to say and remember. Your key message should be used consistently in news releases, blog posts, social media, products and other communications.

The bummer is that most business owners THINK they have a clear message. They think all they need is “more web […]

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How to Set Up Google Alerts: Staying Current on Industry News and Web Action

Are you writing to stay current on your website or blog but feel flustered coming up with topics people will read?
Do you find that your competitors are always talking about the latest and greatest, and you’re struggling to keep up?
Is there a way to just get an industry snapshot everyday so that I can keep up and have plenty to write about?


Yes! It’s called Google Alerts and it’s free to use.

Google Alerts isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s one that could be of great importance to you in the future. Every single day the Internet is exploding with new […]

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What is a Backlink and How to Get Lots of Them!

A backlink is basically a link to your website from another website (an inbound link). Backlinks are key to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! The more links you have pointing to your website, it conveys a message to Google and Bing about how important your website is. The more important your website is, the higher you rank in search engines. Another reason backlinks are key is because it opens portals for getting traffic from different avenues. If you have 50 websites linking to yours and they all get decent traffic – imagine how that could boost your visitation!

Note: Google ranks […]

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