Can I Start with Just a Blog or Do I Need a Complete Website?

If you have a passion to help others and a smaller starting budget that you think is ideal, fear not!

When I was just starting out I didn’t drop $3-5,000 for a fancypants website with a leading branding and marketing boutique or anything. I went the route of a DIY blog.

Friend and colleague Lisa Larter always says you are either going to spend money in your business, or you’re going to spend time.

Blogging, Seth GodinWhen I started, I spent a LOT of time teaching myself how to do everything. I dig it to this day. Google will teach you soooo much if you just sit down and buckle down.

You can go to and get a free account today. You can start blogging your heart our and impacting the world TODAY.

Pros and Cons of starting with vs getting a fancypants website

  • PRO: It’s free
  • PRO: You can start blogging and impacting others today – no procrastination or waiting!
  • PRO: You’ll start building up search engine ranking and buzz the more you blog
  • PRO/CON: There are thousands of pre-made designs to pick from, but the con is you won’t look unique or stand out from a branding perspective (not awful when you’re starting, just not ideal)
  • CON: Limited customization allowed (even trying to place an optin box is hard, which is vital to starting to capture email address to build your following)
  • CON: When you upgrade to the fancypants website, you’ll lose your search engine ranking, but temporarily. It will build back up in much less time than it took the first time.

If budget is the concern, and you really do want the fancypants website to start with, then align yourself with a heart-centered web company that offers really affordable payment plans with no interest (cough, cough). Learn more.

If you’re ready to rock your new blog, then go get an account today! Why wait?

Then you’ll want to come back here and learn, 5 Steps to Get Started with Blogging, where I’ll teach you how to gather a list of writing topics, how to select great categories, and the perfect structure for your blog posts. Check it out and congratulations on taking this next step!


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