Bye bye InfusionSoft (and other tools)

2017 was challenging. We still had a top sales year, worked on so many cool projects, traveled, and enjoyed life.

The challenge for me, personally, came in what seemed at EVERY turn, the ‘old ways’ of doing things no longer worked. UGH…it was maddening!!

I changed our project management system from ProjectBubble to ActiveCollab (WOW – that system rocks!!). I can’t even tell you how much of a headache this was (think hundreds and hundreds of client projects, thousands upon thousands of tasks, and time records for each task, client notes, you name it….).

After a decade I changed our domain name – what?! Yep. My sweet old is now forevermore Back in 2007 I chose the ID domain name for search engine value (and I’m glad I did). But from a branding perspective is was confusing. With that domain name change I needed to update thousands of links, change our email accounts, figure out client access to all files and more.

Next, due to some heavy shifts in the many websites I own and operate, it was time (boo) for my departure from WP Engine hosting. They are still my #1 choice for your website hosting – don’t worry. But we just finished our migration to Cloudways which will work better for me at this particular stage of business. Boy oh boy.

I aaaaaalmost migrated from Freshbooks invoicing/accounting to Xero, and almost started using Gusto for payroll. All great tools, but other decisions made this one not necessary (phew). We’re talking six months of payment plan options and seven years of accounting history in Freshbooks. I’m happy to stay. 🙂

And then came good ‘ole InfusionSoft. I resisted ever signing up for it – for 7 years!!! And pretty much 98% of my experience came with some pain point attached while using it. I’ve been keeping a sharp eye on all other systems out there, hoping for a new solution that would whisk me away to a better solution.

No Guts No Glory… I made the switch – and I’m thrilled I did!! – to ActiveCampaign, integrated with SamCart. Both platforms are a dream. I save no money from the switch but I’m light-years happier with the improved functionality, support and ease of use.

So basically, most of the ways I’ve been operating my business just didn’t work well once I hit a certain level. I had to spend last year upgrading our systems, our communication, our team – everything. It was exhausting and hard. But, we have to invest in ourselves and in our businesses if we want to grow, and I’m NOT going to get in my own way.

A long email to let you know that you’re not alone in these thoughts and decisions. I’m right there with you. Owning your own business ain’t easy, but it’s totally worth it!

What I just shared was only a sliver of what unfolded in 2017. Stay tuned as I continue to share what I learned from marketing, monetization, and so much more.

If you feel up to it, comment and let me know a thing or two you learned in 2017!

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