BUSINESS BUILDING TIP: Build Long-Term Relationships with Your Clients

BUSINESS BUILDING TIP: A client emails you asking a question or asking for your help with something – how do you respond? Do you ever take the time to write a response that gives them way more info than they ever hoped to get? Or do you just reply with the bare minimum to “save time”?

It is far more lucrative to keep your existing clients happy than it is to constantly be on the search for new clients. Existing clients will renew services AND spread the word about you IF you offer a great service and take time with them.

For example, from time to time I will review a client’s website and send them a whole long email with free tips on what I think they could do to improve, or offering them kudos for a job well done on their blog or social media.

I don’t do this every day with every client, but I certainly make a consistent EFFORT to BUILD relationships and offer ongoing VALUE to our existing clients.



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