Branding: eBook Design that Says Something About You and Your Message

eBooks are no longer a “new and cool” concept. It seems like everyone has an eBook – which I think is pretty cool. I love writing eBooks. They’re fast to knock out, they have the opportunity of going viral (if you spend the time to do them the right way) and they can REALLY say something about you and your message.

When you get the idea to write one of these short books (usually 6-12 pages in length), puuullllease consider all that “stuff” beyond writing the words. In my opinion, to write a solid eBook you’ll want to:

  1. Create an outline so you stay on topic. Think of it like a mini-book. There should be a beginning (intro), middle (meat of your content), and end (closing with call to action).
  2. Edit your eBook. You want to comb through your pages a few times to make sure you don’t have typos. Remember this is a *reflection* of how you want to come across to these readers as a first impression.
  3. Format your eBook. Create headings and subheadings, add images, create good spacing between lines and paragraphs, indent your content. This is all the initial foundation of designing your eBook.
  4. Design your eBook, or get it designed by a professional. It is important to add life to your eBook. If your eBook goes viral, think of all that exposure you can get – it’s better than a billboard! But it’s amazing how many people just type words on a Word doc and say “it’s ready, come buy it or signup for it!” It is worth the time and resources to invest in a beautiful eBook that shows your dedication and quality of work.

There are many “types” of designs for eBooks. You have a standard design like you see to the right. This is common and effective.

I personally like to add more to it than that! See below for a few pages from an eBook I recently designed and formatted for a wonderful author named Angela Alexander. She has an AMAZING story and message to share with the world. Angela’s message is centered around how she turned her pain into power, and grief into peace after a horrific car accident that forever changed her family.

Many people have asked me, “Angela how were you able to turn your pain into power and grief into peace?” In my book, “Miracles Action” I go into great detail about my personal journey with a strong focus on how I got through to the other side.

For this powerful book I wanted to share five pivotal points in uncovering your peace, all based on my book. I also reveal my thought-provoking reflections, decisions and actions. My purpose and intentions are to help you also turn your pain into power and grief into peace.



I think if you spend the time and resources to build it the right way, they will come (yes, quoting Field of Dreams – LOVE that movie!!). After Angela was sent this eBook after formatting and design she said,

“AMBER! Tears are flowing! This is soooo beautiful. I just have to absorb it. Thank you so very much. I’m so proud to be associated with you and this project. You’re right this e-book is much bigger than FFYD and should be for sale. Love, Angela” –

Anytime you can evoke that reaction from a client, you know you’re on the right track and it feels soooo good. Angela is a true angel and someone you should look into.

This is what I mean about spending the extra time to do things the right way. When people see that design they will really FEEL her message. If you have a cheesy design (or no design at all) you won’t be transferring the message in a way that people will feel they want to share with others.

Today I encourage you to take a look at your marketing materials, website, eBooks, business cards even and ask yourself, “Is this the feeling I want to people to feel when they see ‘me’ for the first time?”

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