Back to the Basics: Creativity Fuels Business Success

Do you worry that your message is starting to sound like what everyone else’s message is? Standing out online is tough and we tend to connect with circles of people who are most like us, which means the rise of “empowerment coaches for women” feels like it’s at an all time high.

Back to the Basics: Creativity Fuels Business SuccessWhen these feelings come up, we start to feel discouraged regularly because it feels as if nothing we do is making enough of an impact. Does this resonate with you?

Creativity is the best way to remove any discouraging feelings. Creativity allows us to maximize our talents and impact the most people. More than anything, creativity brings us such happiness and fulfillment!

I don’t know about you, but I almost never feel more alive than when I’m creating. I know if most entrepreneurs had it their way, they would create full time and leave the marketing to someone else.

Because this is such a big passion of yours, and because creating is when you feel most alive and joyous, I encourage you set aside “creativity time” in your schedule every day!

Action Step:

Let’s say for the next two weeks, you’ll set aside a half hour each morning to do nothing but create in your business. I suggest doing this first thing in the morning because that is when you are most energetic, you have the least distraction and what better way to start the day that feeling the excitement of creating something that helps others!

What to Create:

You may feel strange about sitting down for dedicated creation time at first, but I promise this will soon become some of your more sacred time. You may start the first few days by brainstorming topics that relate to your message. These are the topics that fuel your creation of product, blog content, social media posts and more.

From there, you can set a goal to create one product or service each month. Imagine the progress and success you will achieve in your business just by the end of this year if you stick to that plan?!

It is essentially the plan I have set for myself and I can tell you first hand, I’m making awesome strides in my business each month. Our sales growth is already up over 50% over last year and it’s all due to this dedicated focus time and product creation.

We are truly responsible for our own success and our own happiness. Creativity allows us to break down the barriers we setup by looking at and admiring others. You have all the magic you need right inside of you. It’s time to let it out and show the world just what you have to offer.

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