Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #17: Membership Website Setup Options

If you’re considering starting up a membership/continuity website, this webcast training video is for you!

Most entrepreneurs love the idea of charging upwards of $97/mo for members to get access to their content. But the problem is, they don’t take time to strategize how to RETAIN those members (so most drop off within 3 months) and they don’t plan in the time it will take to keep adding valuable content (on top of marketing).

Don’t let these common failures happen to you!

I’ve built well over a dozen membership sites – all with different models, content and price points. I know how a membership site should be setup to retain members, sell memberships ongoing, and be desirable for affiliates to spend time selling.

In this 30-min video training you’ll learn:
  • What to price your membership site (recurring, a one-time fee, or a combination?)
  • The options you have for content structure (drip content, full access, content tiers?)
  • What software I recommend using (wishlist, kajabi, customer hub?)
  • Ideas for marketing your membership site (webinars, video launch sequence, paid advertising, affiliates?)
  • Ways to monetize your site moving forward (VIP group coaching, mastermind, done-for-you services, affiliate marketing?)

video format


Make a comment below sharing:
  1. One takeaway you got from today’s training
  2. A question you’d like to ask Amber

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Note: i am an affiliate of WishList member. If you click the link above and order I will receive an affiliate commission. I appreciate the tip!

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