Thank You for the Kind Words Sheri!

The following was sent to me from an AWESOME client in New Zealand. Marty and I help authors, speakers and business owners with Product Creation. We can Skype with long-distance clients or do in-person product creation sessions for local clients. We have had extraordinary feedback from these sessions. I had to share Sheri’s because she’s amazing and the feeling was 100% mutual!

“The best decision I ever made was to sign on to work with you and Marty!

It was great to have the opportunity to work with you two – you both have amazing positive energy, and I loved how you were able to quickly hone in on key points and help me sharpen my own focus. You also have a wonderful collaborative dynamic and complementary views that flow very naturally between the two of you.

For me, it was a bit like you held up a magic mirror, showing me facets and dimensions of myself and my own work in ways I had never really thought about before (and that meant all the more to me because of all the other challenges I was dealing with at the time – my confidence had really taken a huge knock, and you did a lot to build it back up again), which helped me a lot with determining my marketing focus and how to frame what I do.

When we finished our Skype meeting, I felt energized, inspired and uplifted, and I went on to do quite a bit of very constructive work thanks to the two of you! I really love working with you both and I really hope we’ll get to do more projects together in the future!”

Sheri Greenwell

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