Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #15: Affiliate Programs & Marketing 101

Are you looking for ways to generate some extra money by marketing a product, program or service that you believe in?

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn some extra income while you get your own products created and monetize your business.

Even for established entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing can be a great way to grow your business online and offer lots of value to your tribe.

In this video training I’ll talk about:

  • How to find affiliate programs to sign up for
  • Examples of products, programs and services I’ve offered
  • FTC regulations so you’re selling in an ethical fashion
  • The strategy for marketing your affiliate products
  • How to make more sales long-term

PLUS, I’ll even share with you what to consider when starting your own affiliate program. I talk about the program I use (Premium Web Cart – which I am an affiliate for and can make a commission if you click that link and decide to order). I also talk about the items you need to prepare and how to get the highest results with your affiliate program!

Check out this training now and leave me your feedback in the comments section below!

video format

Make a comment below sharing:
  1. One takeaway you got from today’s training
  2. A question you’d like to ask Amber

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3 thoughts on “Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #15: Affiliate Programs & Marketing 101

  1. Vicki M Taylor

    Amber, affiliate marketing is something on my way in the future plans. But, it’s great to hear some wonderful information now like: What software to use, create a launch plan, and that I’m the driving force of that program. All good stuff.

    As for my question. I’ll wait until I have my website built before I ask. Thanks. VMT. 🙂

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