Affiliate Marketing Basics – How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

In a previous post, I shared how you can generate income streams for yourself through affiliate programs.  Now it’s time to think about setting yourself up for even more success by creating your own affiliate program, and letting others do some of your work for you. Sounds good, right?

As your business begins to grow and you create more products, programs and services, you will also be creating opportunities for yourself (and your tribe!) to begin earning income from them. As your menu grows, along with your audience and your list, you can begin to offer people the opportunity to help you sell the things you have on offer and develop income streams of their own by helping you to sell them.

There are a few critical steps to take to create a successful affiliate program. The first of these is to remember that you can’t build a business online completely by yourself. You have to get out of that mindset and understand that a successful online business is all about building relationships and collaboration; getting people on board with your vision and asking for their help to get your message out to the world. Believe me, if you do those things correctly, if you create those relationships and make those connections, of course they’re going to want to help you fulfill your vision.

Choose Your Shopping Cart Software

Using a quality shopping cart program will make the process easier for everyone!  It will automate your affiliate sales, making the sale, delivering the product and paying you and your affiliates without any hassles. I use a company called Premium Web Cart to handle my shopping carts and my affiliate programs. It costs me about $80 per month, but they handle all of my affiliate transactions seamlessly. The affiliate tracking module within the software pays commissions and tracks sales for me, automatically.  Nice!

Within this tracking module is where you’ll set up your affiliate products, programs and services, along with the commissions you’re paying. For example, for products and programs, the normal commission rate is 50% of the sale. So, a $35 book sale will pay out a $17.50 commission, but a $2000 seminar will pay my affiliate a $1000 commission! (Commissions on services tend to run far less, perhaps 10% or so, due to the overhead involved.)

Create Marketing Material for Your Affiliates

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a quality affiliate program will include some awesome marketing materials for you: including Sales Copy, Banner Ads, Email Templates, sample Social Media Updates and more. For your own Affiliate Program, you’ll want to offer these same things to your tribe.

It’s important to remember that the copy you create for this package needs to be general enough to adapt to your audience, and which you can edit to your own voice, but it also needs to be persuasive sales copy with a compelling message – and must include a Call-to-Action! Whether you create this copy yourself or hire a copywriter to create it for you, you are going to want to include these types of marketing materials in the package you offer each of your affiliates.

Offering this kind of support to them will make it far easier for your affiliates to sell your products and programs for you.  It will make them appreciate how incredibly professional you are – which also buys loyalty and commitment – which will lead to increased success for both of you!

If you need help to create this awesome copy for your affiliate program, please get in touch with us today. We have awesome copywriters on our team,  so if you’d like some help with your marketing copywriting, please reach out to me for a quote.

Train Your Affiliates

Even worse than not providing quality marketing materials to support their affiliates, one of the greatest failings of many affiliate programs is that they don’t provide any training.

For example, when I launched the Authentic Business Success Summit (dot com) website, I created all the marketing materials for them.  But then I also created a 25-minute training video. Upon signing up as an affiliate, I gave people this training video that taught them the same strategy that I’m teaching you right now: here’s how to go out and makes more sales; make a lunch plan; make sure that you’re adding value; and it’s benefit driven; it’s conversational, etc. In fact, if you want, you’re welcome to share this video with your affiliates if you think that’s easier than you trying it trying to recreate it on your own. But, I think that when your affiliates receive training, you will far exceed your expectations or normal results for affiliate programs.

Be the Driving Force Behind Your Affiliate Program

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you create your own affiliate program is that you are the Driving Force behind the Program. This does NOT mean that you’re “The Boss.” Instead, it means that you have to be the leader of your affiliate team.

You’ll want to engage, and stay engaged, with your affiliates and get them excited!  For example. offer contests, reach out to them and ask them if they need any support or ideas on how to market more effectively, offer to have a 15 or 20-minute 1-on-1 consult with them to learn about their goals and come up with a strategy that will fire them up to go out there and be successful! If you have affiliates on board who actually make money and see success with your program, they’re going to be in it for the long haul.

From then on, any time you create something new, they’re going be on board again, excited to help you create massive success in your business with your products, programs and services.

Even though we’ve covered a great deal of material here, a blog post is sometimes not the best way to share detailed information on something as complex as creating an affiliate program. Knowing this, I ask you to take some time and watch my video tutorial on Affiliate Marketing, titled Affiliate Programs & Marketing 101. It’s not quite 30 minutes long, but it will take you through even more of the basics of affiliate marketing….including how to become an affiliate and get paid, as well as setting up your own program.

If you’d rather have a chat with me about your marketing needs and monetization goals, feel free to get in touch about my FREE 30-Minute Consultation offer. That way, I can help you find the best ways to monetize your online business immediately!

So, what do you think?  What are your personal experiences with affiliate marketing?

Like these tips? Comment below and let me know to “keep it comin’!”

Amber Vilhauer

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    Affiliate marketing is the best thing to drive enormous sales and one can enjoy the results with minimum cost. The main thing to consider is to pay only for conversions and not for leads, this way one can eliminate the possibility of getting poor leads.

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