Add a Professional Intro to Your Marketing Videos

You know you need to get into video. You may be a little hesitant because you want it done right, you want to look awesome, and you want to sound awesome.

professional-intro-marketing-videosBelieve it or not, I’ve seen some awesome videos that were really effective and shot with an iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to go out and buy fancy equipment, or hire a $2,000 videographer to shoot your videos.

If you want to attract a great following and really build your business to new profit heights, then you need to integrate video in your business.

It’s a great way for people to get to know the real you – catch your vibe and gain a connection with you that helps with the process of taking action.

So you have your web cam, or iPad or video camera and you’ve just shot a video that is conversational, fun and has a lot of valuable content. Good job!

Today I’m going to show you an EASY and AFFORDABLE way to make this video POP and look killer good. By adding a professional intro to your marketing video you’ll look like a total pro.

An awesome resource for quality, inexpensive video intros

Intro Maker features super quality intro templates. Many are FREE, most are between $5-10, one-time payment!!

Simply find the intro that speaks to you, make the payment, upload your logo or text on the next screen, and in a matter of minutes you will receive an email with YOUR customized intro!

You’ll just plug this right into your video timeline in any editing software (I use Sony Vegas Moview Studio but you could even use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie) at the beginning, plug in your video behind that and publish!

This is an example of my intro before a speech I gave earlier this year in Vancouver, BC at a women’s Fearless Freedom Summit:

The video intro just adds that little something extra to your video and that can make the difference in people’s first impression for sure.

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