A Cure to Overwhelm & Too Much Going On

Do you feel that pressure when you breathe sometimes? You know it’s coming from “too much to do” or “too much to look at” syndrome, but every time you sit down to get some real work done, you feel like you can’t catch up?

I see a LOT of people experiencing these feelings and I do have a solution!

What the Top Experts are Doing

Do you ever look at a giant in your industry and think, “How the heck do they do it all? I’m struggling with what’s just on my plate, yet they are creating video and blog posts and running events and launching books. What am I missing??

Being super organized and having a team to support you is how the top experts are able to get so much done.

I know a portion of you don’t have the budget to hire someone like a VA (virtual assistant) to help support you, so let’s focus on organization for today.

What I always find interesting is that more often than not, the busiest people reply to an email right away. I am always getting feedback about how quickly I respond – sometimes even within seconds of receiving an email. My response time really on depends on if I am on a string of coaching calls, but people can always expect a same-day response.

Top, top experts in their field like John Lee Dumas, Ken McArthur, Michael Stelzner, Lisa Larter… they reply back right away too. How is that? They are super organized and have teams to support them.


A Cure to Overwhelm & Too Much Going On

Purge. Yep, you heard me, purge.

If you have hundreds or thousands of unread emails in your Inbox…. WHY?!?!? Seriously, WHY?!?!? Oh, from educational tips from top marketers maybe, right? DELETE THEM!

The first step to cure overwhelm is to be real with yourself. You will never read a thousand old marketing emails. By the time you get down to the last one, the marketing trends would change so much it would be irrelevant anyway.

So, step one is to get rid of ALL old emails you won’t read. The first few will be tough but after that you will feel this weight start to lift. Email by email into you get a little crazy about how good it feels. It’s ok, let the crazy come out!

Next, what’s up with your office space? If you even have one stack of papers that’s disorganized, that is adding to your overwhelm.

Want to feel happy and productive? Purge.

Having a clean to-do list, putting your appointment times on one calendar, removing all “stuff” from your desk that you don’t absolutely need for work (plus maybe one or two personal items to fuel your motivation – but not more than that – this is your space to create and generate income! Respect it!), throw away the old pens that are on their dying day, etc.

Once you purge you’ll feel so light. You’ll feel happy and clear. Now as you tackle your to-do list it won’t feel like the world is sitting on your shoulders. You’ll have the freedom to produce and be your best business self.

Now What?

Now, you purge. Spend this upcoming weekend and get rid of all that “stuff” that is weighing you down that you don’t even realize is weighing you down.


Before you do, I want you to take a few photos of your clutter – even take a picture of your computer screen when your email Inbox is open.

Then, purge your pretty head off.

Then, take a photo of the “after” version of your space and Inbox.

Then, go to Facebook, tag @NGNGenterprises, and show me your before and after pictures. No Guts No Glory!

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