A Common Mistake that Reduces Your Credibility

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money developing a website to attract your target market and convert them to your email list or client list, then listen up!

I don’t want you to go another day without learning what could be hurting your credibility and results. If you want to maximize your potential for success then read on…

The Epic Fail

You’ve seen it. You’ve been distracted or annoyed by it. You go to someone’s website and the information is obviously outdated, the links don’t work and you end up really frustrated you can’t get the information you are seeking.

Epic fail on the website owner’s part. Yet, this happens aaall the time!

The Common Mistake that Reduces Your Credibility

If you have outdated information and broken links in your website, your website visitors will take you much less seriously.

If you really want to be the go-to authority in your industry you need to have great content that is published regularly. You also need to make sure it’s up to date otherwise what’s the point of having the content on your site?

Tip: Plan time in your schedule to go back through every inch of your website and update ALL content so you don’t lose credibility from having outdated information.

Usually about once a quarter I will click through every main page of my website, review my sidebars and footer, scan through my blog archives, etc. searching for…

  • anything I no longer want to promote
  • broken links
  • old event marketing plugs
  • old affiliate links
  • outdated advice
  • anything that isn’t in alignment with my current brand and goals
  • etc.

The bigger your website is, the longer this will take obviously. I have over 300 pages of content on my website and yet I still make time to review my site. Why? Because I would hate for someone to be frustrated as they search for relevant content and hit a brick wall. Seriously, think about that. What would that say about you?

It doesn’t stop there either. When’s the last time you read that feebie eBook people optin for? Do you remember what your welcome email / autoresponder says? What about your Facebook bio and LinkedIn profile?

What’s Next?

Kick it into high gear and plan a few hours one day where you can go back into your content and scan it for flaws.

Then, let me know when you’ve done it and I’ll give you a virtual high five. (Hey, everyone appreciates a little recognition right?)

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