You’re Sitting on A Gold Mine: The #1 Action to Recharge Your Website

Simply put, you are CRAZY to not take advantage of the blog on your website. Absolutely CRAZY!!

Are you frustrated you aren’t getting more traffic to your website?

Do you see friends sharing other people’s content and wish they would share yours?

How nice would it be to not just get more traffic, but build your list faster, sell more product and be “in demand?”


This is ALL a result of regular blogging.

My goal is to blow your mind with three things:

  • All the ways your blog will supercharge your website and get you massive results
  • How easy it is to get started and keep going
  • A secret weapon that could blow the roof off your website

Supercharge Your Website with Blogging

Blogging is the heart and blood of your website. It’s what keeps your business flowing and thriving.

Each time you publish a blog post, you prove to Google that you are here to educate and inspire your following on a regular basis. Google will reward your efforts by ranking you higher in its search engine for the topics you write about. The more consistently you blog over a longer period of time, the better you continue to get rewarded. It is CRAZY how much traffic I get to my website by writing just one post per week.

I didn’t start with just one a week though. In the beginning, I wrote 2, 3…even 4 a week. I had heard that something magical happens when a blog achieves 100 posts. I wanted to hit that goal ASAP. I hit it, and I saw a lot more traffic flow in. I built the traffic up to 10,000 page views per month and scaled back to once a week to focus on product development and scaling my business. It’s now a well-oiled machine.

As Google ranks you higher, something very cool happens. Sites with huge followings find and SHARE your posts! The editor in chief of Slate magazine found one of my posts and linked to it from within his blog post. I got 1,000 new visitors to my website overnight!

As you continue to publish great content, people share your blog posts on their sites or -even better – social media. If you think a blog post rocks, you’d share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Everyone in your network would then see that post, read it, opt-in to that website, buy products and the cycle continues. People advertise you for FREE because your content rocks!

You Can’t Afford NOT to Get Serious About Blogging!

But, I don’t have time! With all due respect, I call BS. You can make time for a task this critical to your online success. If you want the chance to get 1,000 new visitors to your website overnight, or get 10,000+ page views each month, or triple your opt-in list, or, or… you get the point. Blogging is THE answer.

Where to Start? Take 15-20 minutes and sit down with a blank sheet of paper. Write one or two words at the top which encompass the main, overall topic or theme for your business. For example, we can use “Dog Care.” This will become the main theme for your blog. Beneath that heading, write as many sub-topics as you can think of such as: dog food brands, flea treatment, training tactics, dog toys, etc.

Keep going until you literally can’t think of anything else. If you can’t get to 50, type your top keyword phrase into Google and see what comes up to help thought-jog you. The reason behind this exercise is to have a reference list each time you sit down to write a blog post. No more writer’s block, and hopefully this will provide some motivation to keep blogging.

You don’t need to write posts nearly as long as this one. This one is long because I have a point to prove. 😛 Yours can be 400-500 words. Write a blog post once a week – minimum. When you’ve published the post, share it on your social networks and encourage people to read and share your blog post. Tell them WHY they should read your post – give them a reason, give them the benefit.

At the end of the day, if you share good, valuable how-to or inspirational content, your results will be incredible!

A Secret Weapon That Could Blow the Roof Off Your Website

It’s obvious now that the more you blog, the faster you will see massive results. It’s a numbers game.

We’ve been running “guest blogging” programs behind the curtain for some pretty big websites over the past couple of years.

We get started with a new client and structure a custom guest blogging program for their website. We work with the client to gather several writers who are committed to submitting at least one blog post per month. We then take all of the leg work off the client and completely manage their blog and the 10-15 authors we have on board. This includes managing the editorial calendar, managing the authors, scheduling, search engine optimization, blog post prep work and more.

I tell you this because I have seen first hand how drastically guest blogging programs can increase traffic to a website.

Here’s a hit list of what you’ll need to do to run your own guest blogging program:

  • Generate a list of writing topics that the authors can use to gear their writing toward your theme.
  • Create a Guidelines document that the authors can use which explains your vision, how to upload their articles onto your website, what topcis they can write about, etc. (The one I custom-create for our guest blogging management programs is 16-pages and includes SEO training and a whole lot more!).
  • I suggest creating a Google Doc to keep track of the authors, their schedules and contact information.
  • Set up your blog to showcase the guest authors and really give them exposure.
  • Create email templates for: inviting a writer to join your blog, an acceptance email, a getting started email, an email to let them know the date for which their blog post has been scheduled, an email letting the writer know that their post has been scheduled and asking them to share the post on their social media and a reminder email which goes out once a month reminding writers to upload their articles by the 1st of the month.
  • Generate WordPress user accounts for each guest author, and send them their login information with the Guidelines.

What’s in it for you?

  • You now have 10-15 people writing good, valuable how-to or inspirational content each month.
  • These writers will be sharing their articles ALL OVER social media and in their newsletters.
  • Google is going to see that your website is supercharged and will start ranking your posts higher in search engines.
  • This will immediately boost your credibility

The traffic you get will be tremendous compared to what you’re getting now!

What’s it in for the guest writers?

  • They can see they are a guest writer on your site which adds social proof that they know what they’re talking about.
  • They will get exposure from your huge following.
  • They get to add their bio on your site, which adds a “backlink” to their site and can increase their SEO.
  • They will be networking with other amazing individuals through your site, any many can become joint venture partners.

There are just so many benefits all around – It’s a WIN WIN.

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