Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #7: Key Mindset Shifts for Business Success with Heather Elliott

Heather Elloitt’s work with Changing Limiting Mindsets has given her the eyes to see inside the mind to the many intricately linked scripts, beliefs, and programs housed within our brain that are ALWAYS creating our reality.

How Your Mind Forms:

  • You achieved a certain level of success but can’t seem to move past it.
  • You make plans, stick to them for a bit and then go back to old habits.
  • You visualize a new future only to lose track of it in the day-to-day grind of what has always been happening.
  • You feel like you’re stuck in some limiting pattern that keeps looping in your life.
  • You feel like today is a repeat of yesterday.
  • You are tired of the same old feelings that are not all that great.
  • Your mind runs you.

There is a reason why you don’t move forward and during this video we will explore why and what you can do to make a mindset shift for better business and overall life success.

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More about Heather Elliott

Heather ElliottMindful Change, Heather’s business, allows her to use everything that she has learned about the mind, our power as creators of our life and the truth about focus and how it will empower whatever it touches. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of people to make powerful, permanent shifts in their lives by changing the conscious and unconscious beliefs they carry that maintain their experience of the world. She has helped people in their personal life to feel better, to resolve all manner of insecurity, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, sadness, etc. All of these impacted their professional or business life too. With her guidance, they were able to resolve the personal issues positively impacted their success in all facets of their life. Healing old emotional issues in people personally unleashes a happier, more joyful approach to life. Doing anything with JOY increases the caliber and quality of the experience – your business reaps the rewards of your personal work! She has also helped people directly to transform limiting mindsets and belief systems that are directly linked to their business, freeing them to achieve a much greater potential.

Heather’s gift to you:

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS | $341-841 Value

Gift #1: “7 Key Mindset Techniques for Business Success” eBook
Grow your business by mastering your Mind. Your FOCUS matters. Being in control of it is essential. (Value: $47)

Gift #2: “How to Navigate Business Disasters, Setbacks, Hiccups” Video
Remaining in control of your mind and emotions during critical times is KEY to ensuring success. Learn to live in a more powerful state of mind. (Value: $97)

Gift #3: “Abundance Mindset: What it IS and What it ISN’T” Webinar
The way we do business is changing and our FOCUS matters. Learn to adjust your attitude and tactics to create natural abundance in your business. (Value: $197)

Gift #4: A 1-1 Mindset Assessment for the first 3 registrants!
If you’re curious which subconscious beliefs, thought, and behaviors keep you from achieving ultimate success then you can’t miss this opportunity. (Value: $500)

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