5 Ways to Make Sure Your Following Sees and Reads Your Blog Posts

Do you worry more people aren’t getting a notice when you have a new blog post available?

make-sure-following-sees-postsIf you’re like most bloggers, you spend time to create a quality how-to post that you know will help lots of people, yet you lack confidence that the material is actually being seen.

  1. Add a post to all of your social media networks. You may experience the temptation to “automate” these posts on Facebook and Twitter but don’t do this! The automated programs will make a post saying “Read my latest post” and offer the link. The problem is this post doesn’t engage your following, doesn’t list the benefit to reading the article and doesn’t offer a call to action to read the article and share it. Make an engaging post on your social networks to gain immediate attention to the new article. Also, continue to promote that post over time – don’t make it a one hit wonder.
  2. Add a “subscribe” button on your website that links to Feedburner. Feedburner is a free Google product that automates the process of someone opting in to get your blog posts via email the day it’s published from your blog. This email notification is generated through Google and contains the whole blog post plus social media share buttons. After the initial setup, no further work is needed.
  3. Feature a “RSS” button on your website. A RSS Feed is surely already a feature on your website at www.YourDomain.com/feed. By linking to this page, readers can subscribe to get notices in their Internet browser, and sometimes email, once you have published a new blog post. You need a “feed reader” to sort all of the website feeds you are following. Not everyone uses this system, but it’s a must to setup to target the readers that do use RSS Readers. After the initial setup, no further work is needed.
  4. Email your subscriber list. I don’t believe it’s a good idea to send an email to your email list after you publish each blog post, but I do think it’s important to send a bi-weekly or monthly digest of recent blog posts so they can continue their learning with you and get reminded of your expertise. I would suggest adding the title, the first 50-100 words and a link to read the full post back at your website.
  5. Ask readers to share your blog post on social media. Sometimes we need to see a notice about something up to 3 or 4 times before we actually click to learn more. At the end of your blog posts, social media posts and ezines, I’d suggest asking your readers to share the blog post to help you gain exposure. This way you are not only attracting new readers, but the members of your following who are yet to read your post will most likely read it because of a referral.

Blogging is one of the strongest and best ways to get ranked higher in Google, help more people and build a following. By implementing the above keys to success you are sure to maximize your blogging potential!

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