5 Tools to Make Your Life Easier Online

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you want to get done online? From social media, to blogging, to email, I know sometimes it feels like too much to handle. I am constantly searching for great tools I can implement to make my life easier online. Today, I hope you’ll jump on board to improve your efficiency and dump those online blues!

5 Tools to Make Your Life Easier Online

Tool #1: Boomerang for Gmail

I LOVE this email tool! Boomerang allows you to schedule email replies for a future date and time. It also allows you to keep your Inbox manageable by scheduling an email to disappear and come back to me at a later date and time. For example, if an email doesn’t need a reply for a week, I don’t want it clogging my Inbox! I just schedule it to be resent back to me in a week and reply at that time.

Tool #2: Facebook Scheduler

Similar to Hootsuite or Buffer, Facebook has its own scheduling tool. I love using it because there is no mention of “posted by ____(buffer, for example),” which has lowered my results of Likes and Shares. Write a week’s worth of Facebook posts in advance and now you will keep up with your Facebook rockstar status without being glued to your desk. (Instructions)

Tool #3: Google Keyword Tool

Unsure of what your audience wants to learn about? This tool allows you to type in general industry keywords such as “children’s books,” “music theory,” “baseball,” and Google will populate current related searches as well as rank them by popularity. This data will not only show you the top topics people are searching for but this in turn gives you all sorts of writing material you may not have thought of otherwise.

Tool #4: Evernote

As we search online or just sit with our computers to “get creative” and stay productive, we come across hundreds of ideas, cool websites and pieces of content. Generally, we lose most of it because we don’t have a way to quickly and easily record it all. Evernote is the tool to store all of this data for you, organize it and access it anytime, anywhere.

Tool #5: Carbonite

This is a must-have, critical tool! Carbonite is an online computer backup system. What would it feel like to have your computer crash and all of your files no longer existed? This happens ALL the time. Simply signup with Carbonite and it will backup all of your computer files each day. It’s very easy to use and restore your files.

These are some of the tools I use every day in my business which really help with my productivity and peace of mind. Which will you try? Send me a comment and share the tools you tried or which tools you already use.

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