4 Ways to Generate Income Quickly to Keep Your Message Alive!

Take BOLD ACTION in your business to generate income more quickly!Do you ever get that 3am wake-up call where you’re experiencing anxiety about when your next client will come into your life, and what to do in the meantime?

Are you absolutely dreading the idea of getting a “normal job” and wishing there was a way you could generate some fast cash to help tide you over during this storm?

You’re not alone and there are solutions!

Whether you’ve hit a bump in your otherwise pretty steady income, or you’re just starting out online and really wanting to make it work, these suggestions below HAVE worked for others in your shoes.

The key is to apply yourself. Way more than you are now. Don’t take offense to that (please!) but just know it’s true.

I’d say the first step is to go ALL IN on your business. Make the decision to commit. Instead of dipping that toe in, jump in with both feet and fully embrace your business with every cell in your body. It’s time to take action and make a difference!

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Once you’ve committed fully, you’re ready for the 4 Ways to Generate Income Quickly listed below:

  1. Connect with already-established companies. I’m talking about short-term contract jobs. You may be thinking, “Ug, I don’t want another job!” but if you skip past this one, you are skipping past tens of thousands of dollars in yearly revenue! I know because this is how I got started online.

    I knew that if I could get little jobs with other companies, they would feed me regular work taking most, if not ALL, the pressure off me to sell and find clients. They do the marketing, they do the selling and I do the work. The second company I did this with, I still work with today (7yrs later) and they are responsible for about $50-75,000 in yearly revenue for us. And that’s just ONE strategic partner (what I call them).

    I have about 7 companies I do this with. They feed me work at varying levels but combined, it takes all the pressure off to find individual clients or rank well on Google or rock at social media. I still do all of those things which is how I was able to generate a multi-six-figure business. It’s all of these pieces working together!

  2. Find some affiliate products to sell. An affiliate program is where you sign up for free to sell other people’s products and make a commission on them. Just in ONE event I promoted last year for a close friend, I generated more than $10,000 by making 10 sales. I spent maybe a total of 3-5 hours promoting it too. This isn’t hard and you don’t even have to have a following to sell products like this (though it does help of course).

    The first key is to research who in your industry you trust and like. Who has rockin’ products that you would feel passionate about aligning with. When you have passion for something, it comes MUCH easier to sell. Once you have your targeted experts in mind, see if they have an affiliate program (check their website footer for a link titled “affiliates”). Sign up for free and start spreading the word about their products and services. Once someone buys, you get paid! And usually 10-80% of the product sale price too!

    By the way, affiliate programs are such common practice that most top experts in your industry should definitely have affiliate programs. Also bear in mind if you are always suggesting people go to x company for something (even domain names, or Hootsuite, or whatever!) see if they have an affiliate program.Last, have a conversation with service providers to see if they have a referral program. I give people $250 for website referrals that turn into a working project. Sell a few of those a month and you’re on your way! So definitely ask service providers what they can do as well.

  3. Run a teleseminar or TeleSummit series and go get some sponsors! If you host a free call or call series like this you can absolutely go to bigger companies and see if they would like to pay you $50-1500+ as a one-time fee to become a sponsor for the event. This is instant cash! In return, you would place their logo on the sales page, recognize your sponsor on the live call, etc. You can Google “sponsorship opportunity telesummit” for example to see other existing programs for ideas.

    Don’t underestimate the value of sponsorships! Any product you have you can get sponsors for. You can really go wild with this program. Wild with creativity!

  4. Create a product to sell online. Yes, I said it. The obvious. You may be thinking, “I’ve been working on a product for 3 months! This isn’t a quick solution at all!”. Oh really? Were you 100% fully applying yourself? 🙂  One of our website clients just created a multi-module home study course with workbooks and audios in two weeks. I have created complex products in the same time. I’ve create simple products in an afternoon.

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    You can build buzz for your product as you near completion of it. Tease your audience that you’re developing this awesome product and it’s coming soon! Give yourself a launch deadline and stick to that NO MATTER WHAT!Once you have your product created it’s time to sell it!

    • Add a sales page on your website (see my Products and Free tabs on the top navigation for examples of sales letters!) then start telling the world about it.
    • Promote this for 3 weeks hard and fast. Send emails to any friends, family, colleagues that will listen and see if they can send an email to the people they know about your product to help you out. People are always willing to help if you ASK.
    • Spend $50 and run a Facebook Ad. Those are very effective and almost always generate better results than you expected.
    • Send emails out to your email subscriber list about the product and WHY it’s so beneficial. HOW it will help people. Really get inside your customer’s mind to figure out how to position the sales pitch to get you better results.
    • Contact other industry experts, tell them about your product and see if they would be interested in helping you sell it to their audience.  (See also Aligning with Promotional Partners to Gain Exposure, Share Your Message and Make More Money Online)

You CAN turn your finances around.

You CAN do the above work. But it’s work. At some points it will feel like frustrating, hard work! But if you want to keep your message and business alive, and you’re ALL IN, then you need to jump in with both feet and just get ‘er done.

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