3 Tricks to Develop Blog Post Content People Want to Read + 1 More

We’ve seen it time and time again where we type in a search phrase into Google and an old, outdated blog pops up. (Well, that won’t last anymore, click here to see why, but that’s the way it has been until now.) A blog that someone started, wrote a few posts and bailed. Why they don’t just tear down the site from the Internet altogether, I don’t know.

My sunny theory: I don’t think the blog owner got lazy, but rather, they didn’t know what to say! How many times have you thought, “I should write a blog post, it’s been a while..” yet you still don’t get it done. You worry if what you write will be what people want to read… will they care? will they share it? will they comment, or not?

I say, forget the noise and just write. People WILL care. You WILL help others. And the more you write, the more people will share your content and comment on it.

Backing up, there are a few tricks you can use to develop blog post content people will want to read:

    1. Yahoo Answers – You can go to http://answers.yahoo.com then click the top button “Browse Categories.” You will see pages of questions (and the public’s answers). You can click on “Most Popular” or “Most Viewed” to organize the search results. What is SO awesome about this is that these are the questions your audience has!! For example, if I have a blog about dog training, I can go to the category “Pets > Dogs” and see a list of questions or of people wanting advice about a particular topic. Then all you need to do is take the general concept, and write your heart out about it. You know people will search for it since obviously people are asking the questions. Poof, content!

    2. Google’s Keyword Tool – You can go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and at the very top add in a general topic such as “Dog Training”. This awesome tool will churn out tons of search phrases people are searching for every month! For example, you could write about “Puppy Training” and you would know that 450,000 searches occur every month of people looking for information about that topic. The way to use this tool is two-fold. One, you can use it to brainstorm writing topics. The second is that this is a killer Search Engine Optimization tool which allows you to target certain keyword phrases to boost your exposure online!

    3. Other Industry Leaders – When is the last time you spent 30-60 minutes on Google typing in search phrases related to your topic and seeing what other go-to experts are doing? This tip is far beyond just finding some things to write about as you can get tons of ideas to grow your business too. I think it’s essential to do market research – often! – and peruse their website, blog and social networks. You’re not looking to steal anything, you’re just taking note and brainstorming to get ideas and inspiration. No need to reinvent the wheel, but to take the wheel and put your spin on it (no pun intended).

    4. Freebie! – An extra bonus idea is to scope out your social networks looking for things people write about. For example, if you write about marriage.. I just saw a lovely post on my Facebook wall about a woman celebrating her 15 yr anniversary, and 19 yrs together total. That could inspire you to write about how to celebrate your anniversary, or how t keep your marriage alive, or how to make a spark. Who knows that inspiration will come when you are searching for ideas. The great thing about social networks is people are constantly spilling the beans about how they feel and what they are doing. I’m not saying this is bad, but it is good market research!

My CHALLENGE for you today is:
Create a list of at least a dozen possible writing topics AND go write your next blog post, TODAY! Procrastination doesn’t make dollars or sense! This is your time to share your expertise and your message with the world. It won’t wait for you, so it’s time to fully engage in your passion and Get It Done!

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