3 Keys: How to Manage Your Email Inbox

Do you feel like a crazy person when you open your email Inbox and wish you knew how to manage your emails a little better?

Productivity Tip

As emails come pouring in throughout the day, ask yourself these questions:How to Manage Your Email Inbox

* Is this something I need to handle right now, or is it best handled later? And if later… today or tomorrow?

* Is this something someone else on my team can respond to?

* Do I get this email question regularly?

How Does That Help?

Answering question #1 can help you prioritize so you are better serving your clients.

Answering question #2 helps with your time management. As an entrepreneur it’s SO HARD to “not” do it all. Hiring an assistant to help with your easy admin work load can save you a LOT of time, and you’ll end up enjoying what you do even more.

Answering question #3 is KEY to your productivity. Once I realize I start typing the same kind of responses, I will copy a response into a Word doc and save it in a “templates” folder on my computer. When i see the question arise again, I’ll paste in my response, tweak it to apply to that specific person and send it out. This could easily save you an hour a day if you get good about seeing the patterns and making it an automated process.

Bonus Tip:

To really boost email management and productivity, check out Boomerang for Gmail to schedule emails – including recurring emails!


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