21 Tips to Improve Your Blog Website Results

Below you will find 21 tips to improve the results for your blog website.

Blog-Site Setup Tips:

  1. Do not type your email address into a page and expose it for the world to see. You will increase your spam emails ten-fold. Instead, add in a “Contact form” to your site and link to that page.
  2. Choose a domain name with these ideas in mind: Two or three words, anyone can spell it, easy to remember, and relates to the main topic or theme you plan to write about.

Design Tips:

  1. Avoid using a theme that displays “reverse text” (white text on a dark background). Readers will find this difficult to read after a while and will end up leaving your site.
  2. People like image-use but note that you want to only use “royalty free” images. If you took your own images, you are safe. Otherwise, I would suggest using a site such as http://istockphoto.com to buy the rights to any photo, video or illustration you want.

Blog Security Tips:

  1. WordPress sites are usually connected to a “database” which is like a storage unit that stores your design, posts and pages. There are plugins out there, like wp-database-backup, which will allow you to download a copy of your database as often as you want. I suggest a weekly download.
  2. Set your password to contain at least 1 capital letter, at least 1 number, and add an exclamation mark. Keep your passwords at least 8 characters long. You always want to consider the easy ways people can hack your website – this starts with your password.

First-Timer Tips:

  1. When starting out with your first blog, come in with the mindset that it very well could take 6 months before you see much traction on your blog in terms of visitation or comments.
  2. Sign up for “Google Alerts” for the top 3 keywords associated to your blog. Google will send you an email, alerting you when anyone on the web has published something new under that topic. This will help you write about newsworthy topics and keep up with your competition.

Search Engine Optimization Tips:

  1. Find blogs that are in the same industry as yours and contact the owner. Ask if they will publish one of your blog posts on their blog (for cross-promotion) and/or ask if they will link to your blog in one of their posts or pages.
  2. Google 2 plugin names and add them to your blog today! One is called “Scribe” which will evaluate every post or page you write and give you a score on a 100% scale to guide you on how well your page or post will rank in search engines. The second is called “All In One SEO” which allows you to enter in “Meta Data” (an alternate title, description and keywords for your post) that will be a huge factor in getting good Search Engine Rankings.

Blog Post Writing Tips:

  1. Write 2-5 blog posts per week depending on what your schedule will allow. You must keep momentum for Search Engine Ranking and to get any momentum with visitation or commenting.
  2. Tell stories. People can engage more easily when you are telling a story, your readers are more likely to share your post with others and they will remember what you’ve said longer on average.

List Building Tips:

  1. Start building a list of subscribers by offering a free goodie on your site, that has value(!), in exchange for their email address. Place your signup box on the right side of your site, near the top of the page.
  2. Use an email management system like MailChimp to build your list.

Social Networking Tips:

  1. Add social networking icons in the top right sidebar of your site to show readers you are up with the times. This is a great way to gain more followers and friends as well.
  2. Install the “Sexy Bookmarks” plugin so readers can easily share your blog post on the most popular social networks like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Reddit and more.

Tips to Getting More Comments:

  1. At the end of blog posts, ask a question or end on a cliff-hanger note. This will encourage readers to comment.
  2. Give people a chance to win something of value for free based on who enters in the best comment to your post.

Visitation Statistic Tips:

  1. Use Google’s Feedburner service to offer “Get Blog Posts in Your Email Inbox” to readers. This will increase your number of overall readers.
  2. Sign up for Google’s free “Analytics” account. This program allows you to track how many visitors you are getting per day, how they found you, what pages they looked out and more.

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