2 Great SEO Tips You Need to Know + 1 More

Between yesterday and this morning, I heard 2 great SEO tips that I can’t help but share, plus, I’m going to remind you of another.

One Great SEO Tip:

I came across an oldie but a goodie, blog post from ProBlogger called, “Optimize a Single Post On Your Blog for SEO“.

The first SEO point of 4 was to find out which of your posts are ranked in Google’s 1st page (2nd-10th position) and then go back and optimize those posts to become #1 on Google. That is a simple but obvious idea that I hadn’t thought of directly before.

In your Google Analytics account (shame on you if you don’t have Analytics by now!), you can view your top ranked pages. For example, a blog post of mine is currently #6 for “Building Rapport with Clients” on Google. My SEO goal is to get that blog post #1 for the same keyword phrase. So, I’ll go back to that blog post from months and months ago and find out what I can do to optimize it even more.

Can I add more links? Can I adjust my Meta Title, Description and Keywords to match that keyword phrase even more? Can I add “Building Rapport with Clients” into a pattern of showing up in every 160 words of the content, naturally?

Bet your bottom dollar I’ll be using my nifty Scribe tool! It’s worth taking a look at the top 10 pages you can re-optimize to get better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How many keyword phrases can you be #1 for?

Second Great SEO Tip:

Previously, designer Ray Grau told me about a free tool for SEO called WooRank. It’s a very simple site to look at on their home page, but not simple in the way it attacks SEO analysis for sure! This Beta version is free, but I wouldn’t expect for long.

You can go to www.WooRank.com and type in your URL into the field, which kinda mirrors the Google.com page. Your report will generate within a minute or two max – which is very impressive because it’s analyzing everything SEO about your site based on over 45 sets of criteria. WooRank generates a 15 page PDF report on your website (with explanations!) so you can take action right away. This is one impressive site since I know what had to go into creating it. Phew!

Those are your “2 Great SEO Tips You Need to Know. If you have any cool tools you heard about, please share them by making a comment below. 🙂

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