14 Online Product Ideas You Can Create Cheaply to Make Money Online

If you want a prayer of a chance to stand out online and generate a healthy income in the process you can’t deny the power of product development.

I work 1-1 with authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs to help them with a product development and launch plan. Without a strategic action plan in place you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.

In today’s post I’m going to share some ideas with you that will help you brainstorm which products you could create cheaply and quickly online. The best next step is to contact me so we can create a plan around your goals. My mission isn’t to trap you into a long-term commitment (I don’t operate that way). My passion is to help you ACHIEVE REAL RESULTS online.

brainstorm-productsHow are you supposed to stand out? What can you possibly sell?

Even if you are still in the stage of dreaming what it would be like to have your own website, it’s important to actively think about what you can create that is of value to others. Each person has a unique view on life and their particular set of issues to overcome. So, yes, you too can create a product or series of products to sell online and feel good about it.

A list of product ideas:

  1. Create an eBook and sell on Amazon, add to Google Books and submit to directories.
  2. Record a webinar series, then package as a DVD set. Sell a downloadable version and a physical DVD Set version.
  3. Offer coaching or consulting services in the forms of one-on-one calls, in-person meetings, weekly calls, monthly live group phone conferences, etc.
  4. Run a monthly teleseminar training series for 6 weeks or 6 months for your focused elite followers.
  5. Write a white paper on a system you developed to overcome a problem that your market faces.
  6. Become a reseller or affiliate of almost any product or service of your choosing. From online shopping cart softwares to watches to baby clothes, most products online will give you 25-75% + commissions for selling their product/service. Check out sites like ClickBank.com and Commission Junction.
  7. Start a paid newsletter and have users pay monthly or yearly to get training, tips and resources.
  8. Sell email coaching and allow users to consult with you over email for a pre-determined amount of time. Even better, create a 52 week autoresponder email program where each week you sent training via email (but it’s all automated so you set it up once and let the program run on auto-pilot!)
  9. If you have a pre-existing blog, find your top 25 posts and turn them into a hardcover book and an eBook. You could create this type of book for each 40 blog posts you write. Keep ’em comin’.
  10. Create a series of “how-to” videos. Use software like Camtasia for screen recordings, or a camcorder or webcam would be great for all other video. You could create four 15-minute videos, package them and bam! you have a product.
  11. Internet Marketers aaaalways have a wealth of ideas and little time to pull them all off. Network to find these guys and ask if they have any projects you can complete for half the profit.
  12. Home Study Courses are great! This could involve a video series with companion PDF guides and some sort of add-on support module.
  13. Create and customize apparel, t-shirts, postcards, banners and more with sites like Zazzle.com.

There are TONS of creative ways you can take your knowledge and expertise, package it and offer it to others. Once you build an email list online you can sell to your following time and time again.

Need help building a following quickly? We can help! Contact us for our complete service menu and see all the ways we can help you build your online business.

I personally like to keep a Brainstorming Journal lying around. It is consumed with my ideas and as I get time, I try to chip away at the projects on those sheets that are filled with potential. Give it a try! Creating online products is a really fun project and can bring income steadily if you have the right plan.

HOWEVER… it is NOT just about making money, people!! The reason to make product is to ADD VALUE into the lives of others. If you focus on the value, the income will flow.

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