Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #1: Top Keys to Manage Your Stress and Overwhelm

You know those times when it feels like the whole world is resting on your shoulders, the anxiety builds and you’re desperate to get back to calm and clear?

In the “information age” this can happen DAILY to entrepreneurs. We’re all working so hard and so fast to build a business to allow us financial freedom, and to “get it all done” on the home front.

But I am here to tell you that living in a state of stress is NOT healthy for you!! And, it can ruin the relationships around you.

Today I want to share with you my top keys to manage your stress when you’re maxed out … PLUS learn how to prevent overwhelm in the future. (Some of the strategies aren’t what you would have guessed!)

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17 thoughts on “Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #1: Top Keys to Manage Your Stress and Overwhelm

  1. Quay Hayden

    Great job as usual Amber! I especially liked the information about your to-do list. I know you mentioned on the podcast with John about how that was key to your success. But I need improvement in that area so I will take a look at your template and any other ideas you have to improve in that area. See you next week!

    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

      That is so great to hear Quay! I can tell you that this process I explain in this week’s episode has been life-changing for me… truly. I am happy to answer any questions as you execute it. I know you have a lot going on and I hope this helps you ease any overwhelm or stress during your day-to-day execution of your dreams. Thank you for taking the time to watch and allowing me to help support your journey. 🙂

  2. Peter Simoons

    Great first episode Amber! Like the todo system, inspires to review my own todo system again. Reminds me of the old Time System I used back in the ’90′s before moving to digital. Also there one had to write out the todo’s for the day and move them to the next day when they were not done yet. It also had an overview for appointments on the side. I like the idea of the daily review, not so sure if I want to go back to the written system again or stay digital.

    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

      Hi Peter! Thank you soooo much for listening and the great feedback! I forgot to mention that part of the process!! Yes, I absolutely have to re-write out the task for the next day if I haven’t accomplished it. It’s always that task that sucks and after writing it for a few days you just finally knock it out because you’re sick of writing it! lol. Works like a charm. I here you on the decision to hand-write or go digital. Digital definitely has it’s benefits. For me, the task of physically writing helps me offload the thought but then also holds me more accountable somehow to getting it done. It’s more of a commitment I guess and that helps me, personally. Either way, find out what works best for you and feel free to share any resources or systems that help you, to help others. xo

  3. justin

    Hey Amber, I am very fortunate to find you through my daily listens of EOF and I just finished watching this video.. It is EXACTLY what I needed to watch and hear as I’m going through a transition at work into a new role that’s keeping me extremely busy and at the same time, trying to grow a startup and balance time with my wife, family and passions. Thank you very much for this.. your advice is ON POINT and I look forward to giving some of your tips a go and staying connected with you!


    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

      WOW Justin…. I can’t even tell you what your comment meant to me… First, THANK YOU for taking the time out today to watch my video. I feel it’s such an important topic and I really want to help everyone take control of these feelings. I can only imagine the pressure you’re under with everything you mention. Be sure to find a tiny bit of time for you in there. It will make everything run so much more smoothly. Even a few minutes a day can do wonders to our own personal needs. If I can cheerlead you on or support you in any other way please let me know. I look forward to connecting more in the future as well! 🙂

  4. Karen Pierce

    Amber, thank you for bringing me back to a practical down to earth way to deal with exactly what is happening in my life right now–overwhelm. It definitely helps to list it all out and take action instead of being bummed out all the time! With the list I can at least begin to see how I can delegate and begin to move forward. Great start on the series. Thanks a million!

  5. Vicki M Taylor

    Hi Amber, thanks for posting your message. Writing is a very important aspect in my life. I write for a living and I teach how to writer better for a living. It’s truly a life saver when I can write out what is pounding around in my brain and get it out of there and on paper, it relives being overwhelmed.

    Doing something physical works as well. I usually go for a walk. A change of scenery and a physical action helps.

    If you are not healthy, you are not working at your best. I totally get this.

    Listening is so important in any relationship. Business and personal.

    I totally understand getting overwhelmed and I use my own techniques for getting out from under the stress.

    I am truly blessed in life. I have a gift from God that I share with others. That’s how I want to live my life in gratitude. Giving back to others. I am an award winning author and I have been writing for 25 years. I helped found the Florida Writers Association nearly 15 years ago. Our motto is “writers helping writers” and I live that motto. I want to help aspiring writers to become successful authors.

    I think your to do list template is pretty great. I’ll see if it works for me.

    Having balance is so important. I created a website named “My Balanced Life” and I live for a balanced life. I usually work from about 9 am – 4 pm and sometimes if I feel I’m getting a bit overwhelmed and it’s upsetting my balance schedule, I’ll cut out early and do something to help me balance my life. I like your analogy of “Amber Time”. I live the same way. It works. I can attest to that.

    I truly believe that I have been created by God to share my gifts with the world. With that belief, I work to integrate it into my life.

    Thank you for sharing your tips.

    Have a blessed day.

    Vicki M. Taylor

  6. Angie

    OMG! Was this video made for me?? You described EXACTLY what I’m going through at the moment and have been for sometime now. Your timing with this video cast couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you so much for the great advice. I really needed to hear this.
    You’re the best!

  7. Dede Roan

    Great topic. I work from home too and really enjoyed the part about showing up for myself in the mornings. I also appreciate the advice about how to balance life and prevent oneself from being overwhelmed, even though it still happens to all of us sometimes. The daily list is awesome too! It’s reassuring to know that we all go through it, as we’re all human. Great timing to do this video now!

    Thanks so much Amber!


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