Your dream of becoming a highly successful and respected podcaster/entrepreneur really can become your reality!


Entrepreneur On Firewith Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer and NGNG Enterprises (standing for NoGutsNoGlory)
an Entrepreneur On Fire trusted service provider.

Our expertise lies in setting up a website that appeals to your audience and increases conversion rates, helping you build a global audience and loyal following, as well as market more effectively.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer, Entrepreneur On FireWith NGNG’s web services you’re getting clear, results-driven online business support services. If you’re just getting started or determined to expand on your current business success, you’ve come to the right place.

Especially if you’re looking for:

  • A dynamic WordPress website that generates long-term sales and builds a loyal following
  • Step-by-step action plans to become the go-to authority in your industry
  • A fast, highly-talented team of experts in social media strategy, seo, design, marketing and writing

In addition to gaining from our expertise, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded people that motivate and empower each other to be their very best just as you’re used to with EntrepreneurOnFire.


Summary of Online Business Support Services

Our team is happy to offer the following services to build your following online,
monetize and support you becoming the go-to authority in your industry.

– WordPress Website Development –

Entrepreneur On Fire WordPress Website SupportNeed a website that showcases your podcast episodes, show notes and resources, but also allows the public to share your content on social media and join your email list?

Having a beautifully designed, mobile responsive website is key to proving you’re an industry expert because it helps build trust for new visitors.

Whether you’re looking to start with a pre-made premium theme, or work with us to get a custom designed website that expresses your unique online personality … we have the experience of more than 250 website builds under our belt to offer you the highest level of support!

Your website is critical to your entrepreneurial success because it needs to:

  • offer a positive visual impression
  • clearly showcase your message and brand
  • feature your podcast show and encourage social media sharing
  • convert listeners and website visitors into email subscribers
  • upsell prospects into paying customers

NGNG works exclusively with WordPress software to build all our websites. With this amazing platform we’ve built ecommerce sites, membership websites, author/speaker/coaching/entrepreneur websites, landing pages and more! (REQUEST A QUOTE below)

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– Social Media Support –

EntrepreneurOnFire Social Media ServicesIf you want your podcast to go viral, spike iTunes ratings and build a loyal following “on fire” then you need to rock social media!

Social media is a critical element of building a loyal following, generating more sales and impacting individuals around the world with your message. It has NEVER been easier to spread your reach.

But, most people never come close to maximizing their potential on social media.

The common problems are you aren’t sure which social networks to be active on, you aren’t posting interesting and effective content that people want to like and share, you aren’t focused on strategically driving that traffic back to your website to optin to your email list and buy your products and services.

We support authors, speakers and coaches to learn social media in a non-threatening, non-overwhelming way. We can help setup your social networks, teach you the latest strategies that WORK, design profile images that are an extension of your brand, help build your audience, or even make all the posts on your social media account for you! (REQUEST A QUOTE below)


– Copywriting and Editing –

In successful marketing campaigns that persuade customers and sell products, the difference is still the writing.

Here is a hard truth about marketing… Many entrepreneurs have competent everyday writing skills that are great for writing books and articles. However, knowing the inside secrets for writing persuasive sales materials with engaging emotional messaging is a specialty in itself.

With over 18 years of sales writing expertise, we are completely dedicated to creating dynamic marketing and content copy that builds your brand image, generates leads, persuades prospects, powers your bottom line and propels your personal success. (REQUEST A QUOTE below)


– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –

Entrepreneur On Fire SEO Services

Never before have we experienced such an overwhelming amount of competition online.

It can become highly discouraging. At the end of the day, all you want to do is impact people with your message, right? But how the heck can you impact more people when other websites are ranking higher than you, when they are out-posting you on social media and competitors spring up daily?

One of the strongest weapons you can have is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most of your competitors won’t take the time to implement SEO – or they will learn the methods incorrectly – which gives you a huge advantage in getting more visitors to your website! OMG, you’re thinking: Keyword Research? Meta Data? Optimized Content? Do they really want me to understand all that techie stuff – seriously? No way!

We’re here to tell you that WE understand it and can handle all of it for you! Whether we optimize your website, or train you on how to do it, we are flexible to accommodate your needs. (REQUEST A QUOTE below)


– Other Services –

  • Coaching – A 1-1 coaching call with me can go a long way in creating an action plan you may be needing to keep your business on track, and to help answer questions that are on your mind day-to-day.
  • Review/audit– If you have an eBook, email announcement, product launch, sales page – anything that you’re putting out into the world and wondering if it’s any good, we can help by doing a thorough review and offering specific changes to improve your results.
  • Website changes – If you are tired of your website look or need any higher level changes you can’t manage on your own, we’d be happy to help. There is no request big or small we can’t support you with.
  • Website security – If you have updates waiting to be made on your website, let us make a backup of your site, upgrade WordPress and plugins and review your settings to make sure your website is secure from hackers.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Kate MukerThere is one word that describes Amber – ROCKSTAR. Amber is extremely knowledgeable, organized and always goes the extra mile. NGNG has an amazing web development team who are all super professional, get things done efficiently and provide awesome service. I would not hesitate to recommend Amber for Website Development and Online Business Development.
– Kate Muker

Paul HendricksIf I could describe Amber in one word, it would simply be AWESOME! Well, maybe EXTRAORDINARY! Then again, it could be AMAZING! Regardless of the word, it has been such a pleasure working with Amber. She taught me a great deal about Internet Marketing, Blogging and creating Web sites, all while remaining focused on every detail. What seemed daunting and scary to me, Amber made creative and fun.
– Paul Hendricks

Dawn-Marie HanrahanIf you are considering Amber for any project, large or small, personal or business, I can save you time, effort and money by assuring you SHE is YOUR go-to-gal! AND… in ways you haven’t even thought of yet! Her spot-on skills and response time downright frightened me at times because she moves so fast I can’t keep up on my end of projects. Dynamic! Fun! Highly motivated and thunderously committed to YOUR success, she will whip your project into shape in no time at all and you’ll actually thank her for the whiplash! Do it for your business. Do it to for your family. Do it for your peace of mind. Just do it… contact her.
– Dawn-Marie Hanrahan

Alison and Jeff CurrentAmber helped us design and launch our new website this year. She was helpful, knowledgeable, creative, and prompt. We loved her creative ideas and her expertise. She was patient and helpful at every turn! Thank you Amber!
– Alison and Jeff Current

Julie Ann CohnAmber is a skilled WordPress Website Developer, Social Media Branding Specialist and Online Business Development Coach at NGNG Enterprises. She has excellent project management skills and delivers or adjusts as needed. I’ve referred many of my clients to her. Amber is also excellent as a writer and publisher. I highly recommend her.
– Julie Ann Cohn

Jim MooreI cannot speak highly enough about Amber’s work…she met timelines, developed it quickly and created a website for my company that everyone compliments me on. She brought a value to my company that is beyond dollars.
– Jim Moore


About Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer, Developing Authentic LeadersAmber Ludwig-Vilhauer is an online business development expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry.

Since starting her multi-six-figure company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents to get results including bestselling authors Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Bill Walsh, Adam Markel, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown.

Working one-on-one with each client, Amber and her teams have created more than 350 WordPress websites. Amber knows how a website needs to function in order to generate sales, build a fan base and attract long-term clientele. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it.

Amber has created multiple websites which serve as inspiration and as a great educational resource for her audiences. A few include:

  • – Amber’s primary brand website dedicated to developing authentic messengers into authentic leaders who are creating a lasting legacy. This is a hub for all of Amber’s passions and projects.
  • – Amber’s done-for-you web services website which also serves as a “how to” website teaching business owners how to create an audience and gain success online.
  • – 15 internationally-respected, heart-centered entrepreneurs including John Lee Dumas who through share their secrets about the mindset and strategic business tactics they’ve used to turn their passion into multi-six-figure or multi-million dollar enterprises.
  • – The premier online business training center complete with strategy-focused and screencast training videos on how to execute anything you can imagine online! From building your online platform, to marketing, monetizing and growing your business … this is your solution to it all!

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